Further for 2011-09-26

Monday, September 26, 2011
Identified: NYPD Officer Who Maced Peaceful Protesters
A photographer has identified the NYPD supervisor who point-blank maced a penned-in group of young women and then slinks away at the Occupy Wall Street protests.
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Acting In Kind: Iran and Guantanamo
What the media coverage of the release of Americans Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal from an Iran prison often leaves out: When the two complained of their treatment, their guards cited "comparable...
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Principles of Community: At Campus Bake Sale, $2 For Whites, 75 Cents for Blacks
In a "satirical" protest against an Affirmative Action-like bill that would consider ethnicity and other factors in admissions, U.C. Berkeley Republicans are holding an Increase Diversity Bake Sale...
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On Wall Street, Peaceful Protest, Violent Police
Over 80 protesters were arrested by increasingly violent police as Occupy Wall Street entered its second week. Little mainstream media coverage but thankfully lots from the street, including one...
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