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Fires, Floods, Gay Rights and Taxes: God Is Shaking

by Abby Zimet

It's a hard enough day already, but now comes news that God - or at least a born-again right-wingers' version - is making ever more inroads into the political process, and He/She is not happy. A new survey finds one in five Americans believes the free market is really God at work and would do just fine if government heathens would leave it alone; a new tech-savvy effort by rich Silicon Valley types hopes to register millions of new evangelical Christian voters for 2012; and Rick Perry's Florida campaign will be run by Pam Olsen, who believes same-sex marriage will lead to End Times, when she will raise the dead - unless, of course, they're gay, in which case they're clearly better off left dead. Olsen heads the Tallahassee branch of the IHOP. That's International House of Prayer, not pancakes. We were confused too. Who wouldn't be?

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