Further for 2011-06-13

Monday, June 13, 2011
The Incredible Shrinking Workers' Share of Income
Business isn't investing in workers, and it shows. Stunning charts show the lowest ever worker share of U.S. income. Corporate profits look different. Odd, that.
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God Loves the Breast Milk Baby. Chicago's Not Sure.
New in toys: The Breast Milk Baby, created by a Christian toy maker so little girls can learn to feed babies "the God-given way" - for 89 bucks. Dubbed "healthy fun," the doll was controversial in...
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Nobody Wants To Pay Dues For Something They Already Have - Unless They Don't
With the nation's largest union for retail workers fighting to unionize Target workers in New York - the first election is this week - Gawker got hold of the tacky anti-union video all new Target...
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In Maine, Stealing Elections By...Umm...Voting
In another dispiriting move by the GOP to keep pesky voters who don't like them away from the polls, Maine's GOP-run legislature has approved a bill ending same-day voter registration. They charged...
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