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Say What?

by Abby Zimet

The crazies, it seems, are everywhere. Obama's health care speech here in Portland yesterday brought out, not just roaring helicopters from the placid sky, but a rowdy, bell-ringing, larger-than-some-of-us-expected crowd of Don't Tread on Me-ers, complete with "Marxist In Chief" and "Obama Lies Granny Dies" signs. Vacationland never felt so far from its peaceable roots. Now comes news that more wingnuts are sending threatening letters to over 30 governors, including Maine's, demanding they leave office or be "removed forcefully." The scariest thing about the so-called Guardians of the Free Republics isn't their fervor or "ideas" or dreadful spelling - it's that we truly have no idea what they're talking about. 

"If you are tired of being subjected to a corporation posing as a legitimate government that would arrest you for refusing to pray to corporate courts or give up your land or pay taxes to the Rothschilds or exhibit a state-issued confession of subject-class citizenship, then we invite you to (join us)... This is YOUR chance to finally end the economic seige, the foreclosures, tax and criminal cases which lack an injured party, the assaults and terror under color of law by lawfully, expediently and peacefully restoring the de jure (original) institutions of the fifty state republics and the United States of America."

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