The Real News Network: The Geopolitics of Georgia

August 13, 2008
11:00 AM

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The Geopolitics of Georgia
Longtime economist and author, William Engdahl claims
that Georgia is the world's most unstable region today
August 13 - On the surface, the latest battle in South Ossettia seems to be about territorial control but as William Engdahl explains, there is much more happening behind the scenes. Notable strategic American interests such as the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline and military presence in the Czhech Republic and Poland are at stake and the Russian government is not sitting idle and doing nothing to protect their own.

The latest Georgian offensive has many implications for everyone involved, especially N.A.T.O. whom plays a central role in this part of the world. A strong supporter for the Republic of Georgia, the United States has been making efforts to bring them into N.A.T.O. but this latest attack may have done more damage than anticipated. It will be further evidence used by Russia to support their view that Georgia's membership is a national security threat in more ways than the obvious one.

Engdahl believes that "this whole move around Georgia, the geopolitics around Georgia are an essential part of the U.S.' march towards, Russia"

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