Recreate 68 Alliance: Press Conference to Address Judges Ruling in ACLU Case

August 7, 2008
2:32 PM

CONTACT: Recreate 68 Alliance
Glenn Spagnuolo, 720-771-4669
Mark Cohen, 303-733-7037

Recreate 68 Disappointed But Not Surprised
by Court Decision
Group Will Address Concerns at 4:45pm Press Conference
DENVER - August 7 -The Federal District Court in Denver has now given judicial approval to a "security" plan for the Democratic National Convention that makes a mockery of the First Amendment. Organizers of Recreate 68 will hold a press conference today, Thursday, August 7, 2008, 4:45 pm, east steps, City and County Building to address this decision.

The city of Denver and the Secret Service are now free to confine ordinary citizens to a "freedom cage" two football fields away from the Pepsi Center, where they will have no meaningful opportunity to bring their concerns to the attention of delegates. Meanwhile, corporations and their paid lobbyists are free to spend millions of dollars to get private face time with elected officials inside the Pepsi Center. Nothing could better symbolize the sorry state of American democracy. The last years eight years have seen a full-scale assault on civil liberties by the Bush administration­with the full complicity of the Democratic Party. This is the result.