Free Press: Bidders Bet on Open Access

January 31, 2008
3:13 PM

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Bidders Bet on Open Access

WASHINGTON, DC - January 31 - Bidding in today’s ongoing FCC auction of the “700 MHz” spectrum guarantees that a portion of these valuable public airwaves will be open to all devices and all applications.

Ben Scott, policy director of Free Press, made the following statement:

“Today marks a key moment in the future of an open Internet. Detractors who vociferously objected last year to new FCC policies that give consumers more choice and freedom have been proven dead wrong. We have at least one company willing to bet billions on an open network. This demonstrates that the marketplace will support open networks in the future just as easily as it supported closed networks in the past. Finally, the American public will enjoy the benefits of more competition.

“This is just the beginning. This auction signals that the Internet marketplace — and the public polices that shape it — should now move decisively toward universal openness. If open devices and applications are good for consumers in the networks built on 700 MHz spectrum, why not for all mobile networks? These conditions should be applied across the board so that consumers can benefit immediately from more choice and competition.”