It's Getting Hot In Here: International Youth Implore World Leaders: "PLEASE"

DECEMBER 14, 2007
8:00 AM

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International Youth Implore World Leaders: "PLEASE"
We Call on the Conscience of World Leaders to Act to Protect the Youth and Children of the World

BALI, Indonesia - December 14 -- As the negotiations reach their final day, international youth are gravely concerned for their future. Strong, urgent action must be taken by delegates. Inaction will have irreversible consequences. With the security of the world's future generations hanging in the balance, Youth delegates implore world leaders to move beyond the last-gasp delaying tactics of the United States, Canada, and Japan.

"It is humiliating to have to implore our leaders to take action and protect our futures. We have no options left but this one humble plea. Please. Please act." Kelley Greenman, 20, US youth delegate.

Over the past two weeks, youth from around the world have gathered to express their optimism about the process, highlight the potential for all nations to build upon global momentum, and forge a true Bali Breakthrough. "Already, we are seeing the devastating impacts of climate change and they are only going to get worse unless something is done immediately," said US youth delegate Matt Maiorana, 19. "The precautionary principle has been completely ignored. Negotiators are acting as though this is a political question, when it is instead a moral imperative. What are they doing to protect my future?"

"The negotiators don't seem to realize the consequences of the decisions they are making, they talk only about themselves and don't listen to others. It seems so selfish" said Indonesian delegate, Choiriatun Nur Annisa, 20, "These are human lives we are talking about, not numbers on a piece of paper. Please. Please, do everything you can. The world and our future depends on what we do now,"

Youth are calling for the recommendations made by the Nobel Prize winning IPCC to be adopted. To protect the next generation, developed countries need to reduce their emissions by at least 25 40% by 2020. As youth are the most impacted, the world must build an adaptation fund that is just and able to protect those most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. To unleash the potential of youth in developing nations, technology transfer must become a priority to ensure the decarbonization of all countries.

As youth, we simply ask please.

As countries argue, time runs out. If the wrong decisions are made, there wont be time to undo them. Please protect our future.

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