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OCTOBER 31, 2007
2:22 PM

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Global Oneness Project Releases New Film on Land Rights for Farmers in India
Featuring Indian Social Activist Medha Patkar Free Usage & Distribution Available to Media Outlets

WASHINGTON, DC - October 31 -A high resolution short film featuring an interview with prominent Indian social activist Medha Patkar on Indian land rights and the plight of farmers in that country is available free for wide distribution from the Global Oneness Project.

In this short film prominent Indian social activist Medha Patkar explains how the economic development model being imposed on India's farmers is neither inclusive nor sustainable. As natural resources become commodities and farming families lose the capacity to fulfill their own basic needs, Ms. Patkar makes the point that the consumerist paradigm may end up destroying living communities.

The 5:37 minute film, titled "A Threat to Living Communities" is shot on location in Delhi using HDV. You can watch the film here:

To get immediate access to the ftp site for broadcast quality footage, email

Also available on the ftp server are several lower resolution versions for online use, an Mpeg4, flash version and an iPod ready version.

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Footage Available Free

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