US PIRG: Victory! Everglades Coal Plant Rejected

JUNE 6, 2007
1:05 PM

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Victory! Everglades Coal Plant Rejected
Statement of Environment Florida Field Director Holly Binns

WASHINGTON - JUNE 6 - Today’s vote to deny Florida Power & Light’s application to build a massive pulverized coal plant in the heart of the Everglades ecosystem puts the “public” back in the name Public Service Commission, and Florida’s consumers and environment are the winners.

Governor Crist, CFO Sink and other state leaders deserve credit for putting global warming and clean energy at the top of Florida’s policy agenda, as this was clearly a major factor in today’s decision. 

Florida is in the crosshairs of global climate change impacts, and with this decision, the PSC has taken one big finger off the trigger.

Additionally, this decision will reassure taxpayers that the billions we are spending to restore the Everglades will not be undermined by allowing a huge new source of pollution in this treasured wilderness.

This coal plant was the wrong technology, at the wrong time, in the wrong place.  The Florida Public Service Commission’s unanimous vote to deny Florida Power & Light’s proposal to build a massive, polluting coal-fired power plant in the Everglades represents a huge victory for Florida’s environment.

Today’s decision should send a clear signal to other Florida utilities proposing new coal plants that state policy-makers are charting a new course for Florida energy policy.  We have cheaper, faster and much cleaner ways to meet Florida’s energy needs than building more coal plants.  A focus on efficiency, conservation and renewable energy sources would entirely displace the need for any new coal plants, including the Everglades Coal Plant.”

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