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NOVEMBER 28, 2006
2:13 PM

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European Union Countries Shamed for Role in US Renditions Programme

LONDON - November 28 - The preliminary report by the Rapporteur of the European Parliament's Temporary Committee investigating CIA activity in Europe, Claudio Fava, confirms Amnesty International’s conclusions that complicity by European countries has allowed CIA renditions to occur in Europe.

The draft report found national security services in various countries were not being held accountable for their role in renditions. The report also highlights the failure of EU institutions and member states, candidate and associated countries to fully cooperate with the investigation as well as their failure to carry out independent investigations into the role played by their authorities in the US programme of renditions.

"Confronted once again with these facts, European leaders cannot continue to deny them just as the EU cannot maintain that it is not its business," said Amnesty International.