Veterans for Peace

AUGUST 9, 2006
6:00 AM

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Veterans For Peace Annual Convention in Seattle

SEATTLE - August 9 - More than 400 veterans from across the country committed to ending war will hold meetings here from August 10 through the 13.

Veterans For Peace, whose membership includes veterans ranging from the Spanish Civil War to the current Iraq conflict will hold its national annual convention at the University of Washington campus.

In making the announcement, Gerri Haynes committee chairperson of the convention, said, “the concept that war is an extension of the negotiating table has to stop. That is essentially the theme of this meeting,” she added.

Best selling author o Confessions Economic Hit Man, John Perkins will be a main speaker when the convention opens it’s doors to the public on August 12 at 7PM in the Husky Union Building on the UW campus. Perkins spent three decades in the private sector convincing third world countries to accept enormous loans for infrastructure development by major U. S. engineering firms. The crux of his message is that once saddled with these debts the countries would default, paving the way for control by the U. S. Government and international aid agencies.

Cindy Sheehan, whose son lost his life in his second tour in Iraq, gained national attention camping outside of President Bush’s house in Crawford, Texas, will address the veterans. Another speaker will be Diane Benson’s. Her son who lost his legs, two weeks into his second tour in Iraq, . Monica Benderman will speak on behalf of her husband, if he is unavailable. He is currently serving a 15 month sentence in prison for refusing the serve a second tour. He objected to join his unit for moral and religious reasons.

Thursday evening the evening speakers will be Ms. Sheehan, Diana Bensen, Diana Wilson and Doris Kent.. Friday speakers will include Jim McDermott, who will speak at 8 AM, and in the evening Mr, Perkins and Milik Rahim , who will discuss Katrina relief.

Other speakers and workshop presenters will include: Bruce Gagnon, Marjorie Cohn, Simmona Shironi, Dahr Jamail, Alene Moris, and many others.

A national organization, Veterans For Peace is committed to the abolishment of war. Its members affirm that their greatest responsibility, after faithfully and honorable serving their country, is to service the cause of world peace.