Office of Senator Russ Feingold

JULY 17, 2006
12:29 PM

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Feingold Announces Creation of “Patriot Corps”
Program to Train and Place Campaign Workers Around the Country

MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin - July 17 - When U.S. Senator Russ Feingold was in Iowa on Saturday and Sunday, he announced the creation of the Patriot Corps – a campaign worker training program, from the Progressive Patriots Fund, set to train, place, and support 15 campaign workers in key races across the country. Feingold announced the program at a listening session in Dubuque, Iowa on Saturday. Feingold spent this past weekend in Iowa meeting with local activists and holding a fundraiser for the Iowa State House Democratic Caucus.

The Patriot Corps is part of the Progressive Patriots Fund - an organization formed by Feingold to promote a progressive reform agenda and to support candidates across the country.

Starting today, the Progressive Patriots Fund will be accepting applications for field staff to join the Corps. Prospective candidates can submit resumes and receive more information on the program at Once chosen, Corps members will participate in an extensive, multi-day training program, before being placed in key campaigns in Wisconsin and across the country.

“My campaigns have always been anchored by strong grassroots field efforts,” Feingold said Saturday. “We can return a progressive majority to the congress and state houses this fall, and I’m excited that the Patriot Corps will help provide trained field organizers to targeted campaigns across the country.”

Resumes will be accepted through the week of August 7th. Placements will be announced in early September.