Military Families Speak Out

JUNE 28, 2006
2:58 PM

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Military Mom and Military Wife Visit Senators, Deliver Message: "This is What Staying the Course Looks Like"

WASHINGTON - June 28 - On Thursday, June 29 at 1:00 p.m. the wife and mother of two U.S. soldiers will visit the offices of Senators, including Hillary Rodham Clinton, Jack Reid, Dianne Feinstein, Carl Levin, Trent Lott, Maria Cantwell, Lindsay Graham, Jim Imhofe, Arlen Spector, Ted Stevens, and Jack Warner, to say "This is what staying the course looks like."

"While Senators engage in mock debates about the war, our troops continue to die," says Stacy Bannerman. Military Families Speak Out members will carry boots that represent U.S. troops who will die if Congress does not take action to bring them home now. Anne Roesler says, "I will ask the Senators 'if my son's name gets added to the growing list of casualties, are you going to be able to look me in the eye and tell me it was worth it?"

Military Families to visit Senators carrying combat boots representing U.S. troop deaths.

Members of Military Families Speak Out, including: Stacy Bannerman of Kent, WA whose husband serves in the Washington Army National Guard, SFC Mortar Platoon, and served a year's tour of duty in Iraq. He may re-deploy in the future. Stacy is also the author of When the War Came Home: The Inside Story of Reservists And the Families They Leave Behind.

Anne Roesler of Saratoga, CA whose son, a Staff Sergeant in the 82nd Airborne Division, based at Ft. Bragg, is facing a fourth deployment to Iraq.

Thursday, June 29 at 1:00 p.m.

Intersection of New Jersey Avenue and Independence Avenue, SE in front of the Cannon House Office Building

Operation House Call is a Summer-long campaign that began on June 22 and will continue until August 7 when Congress recesses for the summer. Members of MFSO will be holding daily vigils, speaking events, visits with Congress and related activities at Congressional Office Buildings. An on-going display will feature pairs of combat boots representing U.S. troop deaths, and shoes representing the deaths of Iraqi children, women and men. The count begins from June 15, the day of the 2,500th troop death, when the Iraq War was debated in both the Senate and the House and the majority voted to "stay the course." New boots and shoes will be added to the display to correspond with continuing deaths in Iraq, highlighting lives lost due to Congressional inaction. For More Information, go to: