Congressman Pete Stark

MAY 1, 2006
1:58 PM

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Stark Calls for an End to the Iraq War
Three years later, mission not accomplished

WASHINGTON - May 1 - U.S. Representative Pete Stark (D-Fremont), a member of the Out of Iraq Caucus, issued the following statement on the third anniversary of President Bush’s aircraft carrier landing and “Mission Accomplished” address.

“Mr. President, you and your administration lost the war in Iraq,” said Representative Stark. “In the three years since you declared major combat operations to have ended, more than 2,250 American soldiers have died unnecessary deaths. Rather than facilitate a lasting peace, the American occupation has led Iraq into civil war. At a cost of nearly $10 billion a month, the American presence continues to embolden our enemies and weaken our friends.”

“The problems we see in Iraq today – the deadly attacks by insurgents, the rise of ethnic militias, the shortage of gas, electricity, and drinking water, and the weakness of the economy – can all be attributed to your lack of foresight. President Bush, your new mission, should you choose to accept it, is to level with the American people. Admit you took the country to war based on lies and half-truths. Accept responsibility for a lack of postwar planning. Most importantly, immediately withdraw all troops from Iraq,” concluded Stark.