Center for Study of Responsive Law
AUGUST 8, 2005
6:26 PM
CONTACT: Center for Study of Responsive Law
Conrad Erb,
Statement by Ralph Nader on Peter Jennings

WASHINGTON - August 8 - "No one was able to negotiate so skillfully the shoals of the 30 minute television evening news format than the consummate newsman, Peter Jennings. Constrained, as all network anchors are, by minutes taken for advertisements, minutes taken for formulaic segments and the pressures of immediate ratings, Mr. Jennings managed to put more meaning and context into less time than any of his peers. His abiding sense of history contributed to his self-control during times of tragedy or triumph. He was indeed the captain of his ship for many millions of daily viewers. His sense of fairness prompted him to make personal calls to complainants.

"Peter Jennings had this sense of restless excellence which will be one of the many legacies he leaves for his admirers both in his native land of Canada and in his adopted land of America."