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JULY 20, 2005
11:59 AM

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Roberts Nomination: Senate Must Take Its Role Seriously


WASHINGTON - July 20 - "The vacancy left by the resignation of Justice O'Connor has come at a pivotal moment for our courts and our country," says ADA National Director Amy Isaacs. "The delicate balance of the current court, Justice O'Connor's often critical swing vote, and the Bush Administration's insistence on nominating a candidate, Judge John G. Roberts, who's views are not in the moderate mold of Justice O'Connor makes the careful investigative role of the Senate crucial," said Isaacs.

"Many of Mr. Roberts' statements over the years have been troubling and raise profoundly serious questions," added Isaacs. "The Senate must not become a rubber-stamp of approval but rather take its role in the confirmation process seriously. ADA urges them to examine Mr. Roberts positions and writings on key civil, human, workers', and women's rights issues. A lifetime appointment, decades of progress and the lives of many of our nation's most vulnerable citizens are at stake.