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FEBRUARY 10, 2005
2:14 PM
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Home by Christmas? Strategies for Near-term Exit from Iraq
Security Policy Panel to Address US Withdrawal from Iraq, 22 February 2005

WASHINGTON -- February 10 -- TIME: Tuesday, 22 February 2005. 10:30 am - 1:00 pm

PLACE: Hyatt Regency Capitol Hill, 400 New Jersey Avenue NW, Washington DC
ROOM: Columbia Foyer

SPONSOR: Security Policy Working Group

- Carl Conetta -- co-director, Project on Defense Alternatives.
- David Cortright -- president, Fourth Freedom Forum;
Fellow, Kroc Institute, Univ. of Notre Dame.
- James Galbraith -- Univ. of Texas, School of Public Affairs;
chair, Economists for Peace and Security
- Charles V. Peña -- Director of Defense Studies, Cato Institute

FORMAT: Panel presentations for 80 minutes; Questions and discussion for 70 minutes. Refreshments served throughout.

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US operations in Iraq will soon enter their third year. With the Iraqi election now complete and the costs of the occupation mounting daily, discussion of near-term US withdrawal has gained a new urgency - both here and in Iraq. But is it practical and how might it be done?

The panel will clarify options for the "near-term" withdrawal of US forces from Iraq. While specifying, step by step, different possible paths out, panelists will also assess the practical difficulties, risks, and costs of withdrawal.

" How might near-term withdrawal impact Iraq during this period of transition and reconstruction? Does military withdrawal mean "abandonment"?
" Would withdrawal increase the likelihood of civil strife and boost the insurgency? How might the United States mitigate this and other possible negative effects of withdrawal in the near term?
" How should we weigh the risks of withdrawal in terms of US goals and interests? What would near-term withdrawal imply about US goals and accomplishment in the country and region? If we withdraw now, what mission have we accomplished?
" How would withdrawal affect America's regional standing and the war on terrorism?