Ohio Recount
NOVEMBER 30, 2004
9:39 AM
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Karen Kilroy, press@ohio-recount.info
Northeast Ohio Organizes Recount Efforts

WASHINGTON -- November 30 -- Efforts are fully underway to organize volunteers who will help conduct the recount of presidential ballots cast in Ohio for the 2004 election. More than 100 volunteers from the seven-county Northeast Ohio area have already signed up to help with the recount. Regional organizers say more volunteers are needed.

These non-partisan volunteers are being contacted and assigned roles within the recount organization. They will interact with county election officials to ensure that the ballots are recounted in a fair and expedient manner, in order to meet tight deadlines imposed by the meeting of the Ohio Electoral College. The meeting is scheduled for December 13.

Northeast Ohio's efforts are part of a state-wide recount of presidential ballots which was filed for by members of the Green and Libertarian parties, because of discrepancies in Ohio's election results. The Green party raised more than $125,000 in 11 days to support the effort.

For more information about the recount effort in Ohio overall, please visit http://www.votecobb.org/

For more information about the recount effort in Northeast Ohio, please visit http://press.ohio-recount.info or email press@ohio-recount.info.

For news and links about the recount efforts in Northeast Ohio, visit http://ohio-recount.info