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NOVEMBER 9, 2004
2:01 PM
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Fathers Want Bratz(tm) to Cancel the Date

WASHINGTON -- November 9 -- Kids benefit from toys that develop their imagination, right? But is there a benefit to anyone but the manufacturer when that toy-marketed for ages six and up-comes with a seductively dressed female doll, a mystery date, champagne glasses and date night accessories?

That's the question the national nonprofit Dads and Daughters® is asking in its email action today.MGA Entertainment Inc., manufacturer of Bratz, is marketing the Bratz & Bratz Boyz Secret Date Collection. The toy is available online and in Target, WalMart, ToysRUs, and KayBee stores nationwide.

"Society inundates girls with messages that tell them they have to look a certain way and act a certain way to fit in," says Dads and Daughters Program Manager John Ball. "We need to respect girls' desire to see themselves as attractive. What we don't need are more messages that attractiveness equals physical attributes and sex appeal."

Dads and Daughters is urging anyone who cares about girls to visit and send a letter, saying you want MGA Entertainment to pull the Secret Date Collection and discontinue future production.

Dads and Daughters ( is the national advocacy nonprofit for fathers and daughters. Dads and Daughters inspires fathers to actively and deeply engage in their daughters' lives, and galvanizes fathers and other to take social action that transforms the pervasive cultural messages that devalue girls and women.