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OCTOBER 27, 2004
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"The New Nader Raiders"
Latest FEC Reports Show More Evidence of GOP Support to Nader
As Progressives Desert Nader, Right-Wing Aid Proves Crucial
In States Where Independent Candidate Could Act As Spoiler

WASHINGTON -- October 27 -- Ralph Nader has received more than $125,000 from GOP donors and consultants, including $11,250 from donors to the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth – a larger figure than previously reported, United Progressives for Victory said today.

UPforVictory.com's latest research draws on press reports and Federal Election Commission [FEC] filings and excludes unreported in-kind contributions made by the GOP in circulating and defending Nader's ballot petitions in many states. In particular, the report shows:

Swift Boat Veterans for Nader? Eight donors to the infamous Swift Boat Veterans for Truth 527, who have given $31,000 to air attack ads on Kerry's military service, have also given Nader $11,250. [FEC]

Right-Wing, Corporate Support. Five of the largest donors to the Club for Growth, a right-wing, anti-government, anti-tax group that has targeted moderate Republicans, have given $7,500 to Nader. They have given $450,000 to the Club for Growth in the past three election cycles. Seven contributors to the Pro-Growth Action Team, another right-wing PAC, have given Nader $7,000. [FEC]

Bush-Nader: GOP-Funded Ballot Efforts

In Nevada, Republican operative Steve Wark raised $30,000 for Choices for America, a group that paid for signature-gathering for Nader's ballot effort in Nevada. [Las Vegas Review Journal, 8/25/04]

In New Hampshire, Republican consultant David Carney, his wife and his business associate donated $6,000 in in-kind contributions to Nader to cover the cost of petition gathering that Carney initiated on Nader's behalf. That makes Carney, the former political director in George H.W. Bush's White House, responsible for 3 out of every 5 dollars that Nader raised in the Granite State. [FEC]

In Michigan, the Republican party made a $3,400 in-kind contribution to Nader to help his petition-gathering; Nader made it onto the ballot there after the Republicans turned in 45,000 signatures for him and went to court for him. [FEC]

The New Nader Raiders. Nader has received $20,000 from just seven millionaire couples who are major GOP contributors, including:

Jack and Laura Dangermond who gave Nader $2,000 apiece – and $25,000 to the National Republican Congressional Committee. [FEC]

Jeno Paulucci and his wife Lois, who have given Nader $2,000 each – and $150,000 to GOP causes since 2000. [FEC]

Richard and Pamela Egan, who raised $200,000 for Bush's inaugural and gave $2,000 each to Nader. [FEC]

Thomas and Catherine Walkey, who gave Nader $2,000 each and – this election alone – have given more than $50,000 to the Bush campaign and GOP groups. [FEC]

Right-Wing Support Comes as Progressives Abandon Nader

Pro-Bush individuals, operatives and groups have made a blatant effort to boost Nader's candidacy in battleground states to undermine Kerry's candidacy. That support has been crucial, given that Nader's longtime progressive supporters have abandoned him in 2004. Consider:

Winona LaDuke, Nader's 1996 and 2000 running mate, has endorsed Kerry

Nearly 80 "Nader Raiders" and former Nader associates released a statement opposing Nader's candidacy last week and are running ads in battleground states against him.

More than 70 members of Nader's 2000 Citizens Committee, including Noam Chomsky, Michael Moore and Susan Sarandon, have urged swing state voters to support Kerry.

More than 50 peace and anti-Iraq war leaders have released a letter opposing Nader's candidacy.

More than two dozen women's issues leaders, including feminist Gloria Steinem and the past and current presidents of NOW, have said they oppose Nader's presidential bid.

More than 30 national and state health care advocates have said they oppose Nader's candidacy.

Progressive leaders in swing states – including Wisconsin, Oregon, Minnesota, Nevada and Colorado – have spoken out against Nader's candidacy in those states. [See www.upforvictory.com for these statements]

The Green Party chose not to nominate Nader to its ticket, as it had in 2000. The consumer advocate then turned to the Reform Party, which espouses anti-immigrant policies and was represented four years ago by arch-conservative Pat Buchanan. The Reform Party's chairman has called for the death penalty for abortion providers, vote for Bush in 2000 and told a Pittsburgh newspaper, "I'm doing everything I can to make sure John Kerry never gets around the White House."

Swing State Polls Suggest Nader Could Play Spoiler Role

Not only has Nader abandoned by progressive leaders – his backing at the grassroots level has also declined over the course of the 2004 campaign. In polling done by Democrat Stan Greenberg, Nader's support in battleground states has declined from 3 percent this summer to 1.5 percent now, according to The Washington Post. Nevertheless, the polls also suggest that, with the race between George W. Bush and John Kerry neck and neck in key battleground states, Nader is still poised to play the role of spoiler and could hand to Bush another four years in the White House.

Nationally, the Zogby poll shows Bush and Kerry tied at 45% apiece, with Nader getting 2%. [Reuters/Zogby poll of 1,232 likely voters, conducted 10/10-10/12, margin of error +/- 2.9%]

In Florida, where Nader was represented in court by Ken Sukhia, one of Bush's 2000 recount lawyers, a recent poll placed Bush at 47%, Kerry at 48% and Nader at 2%. [Research 2000/South Florida Sun-Sentinel poll of 600 likely voters, conducted 10/18-10/21, margin of error +/- 4%]

In Nevada, where GOP consultant Steven Wark raised thousands of dollars to gather signatures for Nader, a recent poll shows Bush at 49 %, Kerry at 47%, and Nader at 1%, [Research 2000 poll of 600 likely voters conducted 10/19-10/21, margin of error +/- 4%]

In Iowa, where volunteers gathered signatures for Nader's ballot access from people leaving a Bush campaign rally, Bush is polling at 47 %, Kerry at 47%, and Nader at 2%. [American Research Group poll of 600 likely voters conducted 10/10-10/12, margin of error +/- 4%]

In Wisconsin, where the right-wing Citizens for a Sound Economy promoted Nader's bid, a recent poll had Bush and Kerry tied at 47 percent, with Nader taking 2 percent. [American Research Group poll of 600 likely voters, conducted 10/16-10/19, margin of error +/- 4%]

In New Mexico, where individuals gathered signatures for Nader and said they did so in order to help re-elect Bush, Kerry and Bush are in statistical dead heat, with Nader taking 1 percent. [American Research Group poll of 600 likely voters, conducted 10/16-10/18, margin of error of +/- 4%]

Republicans: Helping Nader will Help Bush

Nader has said that the Republican aid he has received comes from those who are genuinely supporting his candidacy. Republicans themselves disagree. Veteran GOP Strategist Bill Whalen rejected the notion that Nader's GOP donors are helping out of simple friendship. "You absolutely want your activists to get out there and help Ralph run" because of the effects he had on the 2000 election. "Do the math," Whalen said. [San Francisco Chronicle, 7/9/04]

Arkansas State House Republican Leader, Michael Lamoureux:

"My goal is to help President Bush win the election, and this is a small part I can play to help him win Arkansas," Lamoureux of Russellville said. "Having Ralph Nader on the ballot will improve President Bush's chances of winning Arkansas."

[Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 8/20/04]

Colorado Republican Party Chairman, Ted Halaby:

“If he [Nader] has any impact, it is more detrimental to Democrats than Republicans, given the name identification and his liberal philosophy.” [Denver Post, 5/13/04]

Iowa Nader Signature Collectors:

"We're trying to help President Bush by getting Ralph Nader on the ballot," said one of the volunteers, who refused to identify themselves or say what group they were with.

[Associated Press, 8/10/04]

Iowa GOP Executive Director, Gentry Collins:

"It sure wouldn't hurt." – Collins, when asked if having Nader on the ballot would help Bush in Iowa. [Associated Press, 8/10/04]

Michigan GOP Executive Director, Greg McNeilly:

McNeilly urged party activists by e-mail to help get Nader on the ballot, saying it's his "fervent hope'" that Nader would siphon votes from Kerry.

[The Tampa Tribune, 7/15/04]

Nevada GOP Consultant, Steve Wark:

“I would hope so. I didn’t do it for my own health.”— Wark, who formed a political committee to raise money to help Nader qualify for the Nevada ballot, when asked by the Associated Press if he thought Nader would make the difference in Nevada for Bush

[The Tampa Tribune, 7/15/04]

Nevada Signature Gatherer, Stu Richardson:

"Please join me in this gallant effort to give our President the best chance possible of winning in November" – in an email to other party activists

[The Las Vegas Sun, 7/12/04]

New Hampshire Nader Signature Collectors:

"Excuse me sir/miss etc. I was wondering if you could take a second to help President Bush?" – script used by signature collectors for Nader at a GOP rally. The script also instructed workers, who were hired by a GOP consultant, to tell people, "Without Nader, Bush would not be president," and to dodge questions about who was paying them.

[Associated Press, 8/7/04]

New Mexico Nader Signature Gatherers:

“He said he was a Bush supporter, that this was his job, gathering signatures for Nader.” – Melissa Corrigan, University of New Mexico senior, about a signature gatherer on campus. [Albuquerque Tribune Online, 8/12/04]

Oregon Nader Signature Gatherers:

CBS affiliate KTVL interviewed a signature-gatherer who admitted on air that his crew was hired by the Republican National Committee to collect Nader signatures and that he was asking signers to "help re-elect President Bush." [The Oregonian, 8/21/2004]

Oregon Family Council Worker, Tim Nashif:

“We’d like to take a few votes away from John Kerry if it would be possible.” – Tim Nashif of Oregon Family Council, an organization which has been making hundreds of phone calls to members urging them to help get Nader on the ballot

[OregonLive.com, 6/25/04]

Citizens for a Sound Economy President and CEO, Matt Kibbe:

"We saw it as an obvious opportunity to split the liberal base in a swing state."

[ABCNewscom, 7/25/04]

Wisconsin state director for Citizens for a Sound Economy, Cameron Sholty:

''We'll definitely be spreading the word that we'd like to see Nader on the ballot.'' – Cameron Sholty of Citizens for a Sound Economy, a conservative antitax group.

[New York Times, 7/1/04]

UPforVictory.com includes progressives who have worked with Nader in the past and leaders with years of experience working on progressive causes including peace and foreign policy, the environment, consumer rights, women’s issues, civil rights and constitutional rights, health care and workers’ rights, and social and economic justice. For more information about the organization, please go to www.upforvictory.com