34 Million Friends of the UNFPA
JULY 14, 2004
3:50 PM
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Bush Administration Expected to Announce Thursday Withdrawal of $34 Million Appropriated for UNFPA – Blow to Family Planning, HIV/AIDS Prevention Programs Comes as AIDS Experts Meet in Bangkok

WASHINGTON - July 14 - The Bush Administration is expected to announce Thursday that it will block all $34 million of congressionally-approved funding for the UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund), the third year in a row funding has been withheld. UNFPA provides safe motherhood, family planning and HIV/AIDS prevention services for women and their families in poor countries.

The Administration’s decision will be announced as delegates meet in Bangkok for the 15th International Conference on AIDS, where U.S. policies have come under intense criticism.

A conference call for reporters is being organized at 12 noon EST Thursday, July 15, 2004, to provide reactions from Representative Carloyn Maloney (D-NY); Brian Dixon, Director of Government Relations, Population Connection; and Jane Roberts, co-founder of 34 Million Friends of UNFPA, a grassroots movement that is urging Americans to give at least $1 to replace lost U.S. funds and make a statement to the world about American generosity and commitment to international cooperation.

To confirm participation in the conference call discussing Bush’s decision, please email Jason@causecommunications.com. The toll-free call-in number is (866) 814-1916 at 12 p.m. EST.

Additional Background

For information on the Kemp-Kasten law, used by President Bush to withhold congressionally-approved funds for UNFPA, visit www.planetwire.org/wrap/files.fcgi/2469_kempkasten.htm.

For a timeline of US funding for UNFPA, visit www.planetwire.org/wrap/files.fcgi/4176_USfundingUNFPAtimeline.htm.

For more information on 34 Million Friends of the UNFPA, including background, a state-by-state breakdown of donations, details on how donated money is being spent, and more: www.34millionfriends.org.

Operating in over 140 countries, the UNFPA (the United Nations Population Fund) is the world’s leading multilateral source of funding for maternal health programs and family planning services. It is supported by 146 countries, including Afghanistan which gave a symbolic $100 to show its support. For more information on the UNFPA, visit www.UNFPA.org.