Natural Resources Defense Council
MAY 24, 2004
2:23 PM
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Contact: Debra Rosen
The Day After Tomorrow Movie: Fact or Fiction? Get the Real Scoop at

WASHINGTON - May 24 - Tidal waves in Manhattan. Tornadoes in Los Angeles. A blizzard in Bombay. The culprit? Global warming. That’s the story in the new action thriller The Day After Tomorrow.

According to a new campaign site,, the scenario is over the top. But scientists say global warming is happening now, and that could mean real problems. The good news is, we have the know-how to stop the problem.

NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council) has teamed up with 11 other environmental groups to launch, a grassroots campaign supporting legislation to cut global warming pollution. Together, the twelve groups will send over 1 million emails to their members inviting them to visit Ben & Jerry’s is helping out with free ice cream.

Visitors to can send letters to their representatives in Congress encouraging them to support the bi-partisan Climate Stewardship Act, and get a coupon for a free scoop of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

“The movie shines a new spotlight on global warming. People are asking about the problem, and what they can do to help,” says Dr. Daniel Lashof, chief scientist at the NRDC Climate Center. “A free scoop of ice cream is a cool reward for doing your part.”

The bipartisan Climate Stewardship Act by Arizona Republican John McCain and Connecticut Democrat Joe Lieberman sets sensible limits on global warming emissions, and rewards innovative companies that beat the standard, while reducing overall costs for everyone. The measure came within just 7 votes of passing last fall, and is due up in the Senate again soon.