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MARCH 22, 2004
2:02 AM
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World Depleted Uranium/Uranium Weapons Conference Held in Hamburg, Oct 16-19, now Available for Audio Download

DEERFIELD, MA - March 22 - The World Depleted Uranium/Uranium Weapons Conference, held in Hamburg, Oct 16-19, is now available for audio download and replay/airplay at

You may also pre-order the Conference Reader through this link.

More than 200 participants represented 21 nations, including Iraq, Afghanistan, Australia, Japan, Canada, Sweden, Ireland, France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Algeria, Cuba, and Malta, UK and the US.

Over 35 speakers including scientists, medical professionals, Iraqi medical and environmental professionals, independent researchers, international legal experts, military professionals, a nuclear weapons lab whistleblower, a prosecutor for the International War Crimes Tribunal for Afghanistan, veterans and their families, civilians, NGO, and peace and anti-globalization activists presented their most recent findings and issues about the effects of these illegal weapons. Iraqi scientist, Dr. Souad Al-Azzawi, received the internationally recognized Nuclear Free Future Award and prize of 10,000 Euros on October 12, just prior to the Conference. She presented her findings on environmental studies of DU contamination of air, soil and water in southern Iraq from the 1991 Gulf War. For information on the speakers, see

The evidence coming from the scientists, health professionals and legal experts at this Conference is clear: "DU is causing significant health effects worldwide, and it illegal under existing international law and convention," concluded conference planner Marion Küpker, co-coordinator of the German anti-weapons group Gewaltfreie Aktion Atomwaffen Abschaffen (GAAA). "Now it's up to the activist community to force rogue governments like the US and Britain to observe international law the same way they preach it to other nations."

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is primarily audio, with links to 34 mp3 format files of presentations and interviews that are downloadable. They may be copied for non-profit use, replayed on computers, or burned to CD audio format for replay on CD players or by radio stations. We encourage distribution to radio programs which are free to use the material. In the few cases where audio was not available, we have provided the text of presentations or other pertinent resources. In addition, you will find select conference reports and a conference photo-album.

The audio index, with related resources, was a collaborative effort of the Conference and Traprock Peace Center.

For information on the conference, with conference reports and resolutions, see