Progressive Democrats of America: Progressive Challenge 2008: New Tool to Be Unveiled at Saturday's Protests to Confront Candidates

OCTOBER 26, 2007
11:12 AM

CONTACT: Progressive Democrats of America
Laura Bonham
Tim Carpenter

Progressive Challenge 2008: New Tool to Be Unveiled at Saturday's Protests to Confront Candidates

WASHINGTON - October 26 - A new 7-point Progressive Agenda will be delivered this Saturday to tens of thousands of Americans demonstrating nationwide for U.S. troops out of Iraq and no attack on Iran.

Progressive Democrats of America, along with a coalition of groups, will be distributing the Progressive Challenge 2008 by the thousands at more than a dozen demonstrations across the country.

Endorsed by leading peace and justice advocates such as Barbara Ehrenreich, Jim Hightower, Jackson Browne, Mayor Rocky Anderson, Bill Fletcher, Jr. and Tom Hayden, "Progressive Challenge 2008" will be utilized in the coming months by activists to confront candidates for office, including presidential candidates.

"This agenda has grown organically out of the last few years of progressive activism," said PDA national director Tim Carpenter, "from Iraq and Iran to universal single-payer healthcare to fair trade to clean, fair elections to media reform. As Democratic activists use Progressive Challenge 2008 to confront presidential candidates, we expect to see some embracing much of the agenda, while others (like those who get campaign funds from Rupert Murdoch) run from it."

The agenda of Progressive Challenge 2008:

1) End Imperial Foreign Policy, Redirect Funding
2) Healthcare for All
3) Economic Justice
4) Stop Global Warming
5) Reproductive Freedom/Civil Rights & Civil Liberties
6) Clean, Fair, Transparent Elections
7) Media Reform

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Endorsing organizations include Justice Through Music, Backbone Campaign, Camp Casey Peace Institute, Progressive Democrats of America, Velvet Revolution, Hip Hop Caucus,,, Healthcare NOW!

Progressive Democrats of America is a grassroots PAC that works both inside the Democratic Party and outside in movements for peace and justice. Our goal: Extend the victory of Nov. 2006 into a permanent, progressive majority. PDA's advisory board includes seven members of Congress and activist leaders such as Tom Hayden, Medea Benjamin, Cindy Sheehan and Rev. Lennox Yearwood. More info: