Center for Defense Information: What Surge? What Success?

SEPTEMBER 11, 2007
8:00 AM

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What Surge? What Success?
WASHINGTON - September 11 - Coalition forces in Iraq today are not significantly increased above previous levels, and the measurable results of the so-called “surge” – in terms of civilian casualties other metrics of the quality of life in Iraq – arguably show no improvement and some deterioration.

The Straus Military Reform Project, through an extremely reliable intermediary, has received an article titled, “The Urge to Surge,” written by an anonymous writer who describes himself as “Herman Mindshaftgap” of the “Bland Corporation.” While it is not CDI normal practice to provide such anonymous, unedited articles, this one is of such immediate, direct, and important relevance to this week’s ongoing events, specifically the testimony on Capitol Hill of Gen.David Petraeus, that CDI feels it necessary to provide the article to the public.

Click here to read "The Urge to Surge."