Stop The War Coalition: Three UK Soldiers Killed In Iraq: Brown's Responsibility

JUNE 28, 2007
5:29 AM

CONTACT: Stop The War Coalition 
David Wilson

Three UK Soldiers Killed In Iraq: Brown's Responsibility

WASHINGTON - JUNE 28 - On assuming office Prime Minister Gordon Brown said: “I have heard the need for change: change in our NHS; change in our schools; change with affordable housing; change to build trust in government; change to protect and extend the British way of life." No mention of change in Iraq and hours later, in the early hours of Thursday 28 June, three British soldiers were killed in Basra. The Stop the War Coalition have said that the deaths of British and Iraqi’s are on the account of Tony Blair up to and including the last day of his term in office. These three deaths, alongside the inevitable Iraqi deaths today (145 reported yesterday) are now on the bloody account of the new Prime Minister. His final words yesterday outside 10 Downing Street were, “I will try my utmost,” This Coalition, representing majority opinion in this country, will judge Brown on his words and insist that the ‘need for change’ must include withdrawal from Iraq and ‘trying his utmost’ must include a final separation from the war policies of the US administration.