Greenpeace: Statement on UNSC Climate Change Debate

April 17, 2006
11:28 AM

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Greenpeace Statement on UNSC Climate Change Debate

New York, 17 April 2007 -- "There is no question that the proliferation of 'Weather of Mass Destruction' is a worthy topic for the Security Council. Its appearance on the Council's agenda represents a coming of age and recognition that a failure to act now could see UN peace keepers patrolling the climate change front line for centuries to come," said Mike Townsley of Greenpeace International.

"With the end of the cold war and facing the looming threat of 'warm wars', the Security Council needs to move away from security based on the projection of force to one based on the notion of "Sustainable Security", and the recognition that, when it comes to climate change, prevention is better than cure."

"In the ground-breaking report of The World Commission on Environment and Development of 1987, Our Common Future, Gro Halrem Brundtland wrote: "A world in which poverty is endemic will always be prone to environmental disaster." It is time to turn that on its head: "A world in which environmental disaster is endemic will always be prone to poverty and war."

"Never before has it been so obvious that the issues of green and peace are inextricably intertwined and that they must be tackled together. As the UN grapples with issues of reform and seeks to update its mission for the 21st century it need look no further than the issue of climate change and the emerging issues of climate justice and conflict."

For further information or comment contact: Mike Townsley, Greenpeace International Climate Campaign, in Amsterdam, +31 621 296 918 (mobile)


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