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OCTOBER 31, 2006
6:00 AM

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Sarah Stephens, 202-234-5506 Publishes Interview with Florida Senate Candidate, Brian Moore
Moore Calls for an End to U.S. Embargo; Alleges Detention by U.S. Authorities

WASHINGTON - October 31 - Independent Senate candidate, Brian Moore, running for the U.S. Senate seat in Florida held by incumbent Democratic Senator Bill Nelson, recently returned from Cuba and in an interview with called the U.S. embargo against Cuba “a threat to our liberties and freedoms.”

Sarah Stephens, Director of the Freedom to Travel campaign, which publishes, said Mr. Moore’s stance “is unique among candidates for office in Florida, because he is explicitly calling for an end to the embargo, which is contrary to the position of some Cuban-Americans in his state.”

A report on the interview can be found at the Freedom to Travel Campaign’s website,

In the interview, Mr. Moore comments on his trip to Cuba, provides his thoughts on U.S. policy, and describes a detention at the Miami Airport when he returned from his visit to Cuba.

The Freedom to Travel Campaign is a public education project that calls for reform of U.S. policy toward Cuba starting with repeal of the ban on legal travel to Cuba. The Freedom to Travel Campaign is a project of The Center for Democracy in the Americas.