MAY 16, 2006
2:58 PM


ACORN's Response to Bush Immigration Speech

WASHINGTON - May 16 - ACORN (the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) has joined other organizations in their call for comprehensive immigration reform.

In his speech to the nation Monday, President Bush called for increased border security, greater enforcement within the United States and a Temporary Work Program.

“While we have yet to examine the specifics of the President's proposal to place national guard members on the U.S.-Mexico border, we believe an enforcement-only approach will not solve our nation's broken immigration system,’’ said Maude Hurd, ACORN National President.

ACORN believes that immigrant families who live here, work hard and pay taxes need a legal path to citizenship – this is the American way. The President’s Temporary Work plan could be a means to provide that access.

“A path to legalization for the millions of undocumented immigrants, who have established roots in their communities and have contributed to our nation's economy, must be an integral part of any solution,’’ Hurd said.

However, ACORN believes laws that would make it a felony criminal offense for immigrants just to live and work here – or for anyone to help them – are un-American and immoral.