Families USA

NOVEMBER 18, 2005
10:04 AM

Geraldine Henrich-Koenis, Press Secretary, 202-628-3030

House Adopts Budget Reconciliation Bill That Will Harm Medicaid Enrollees
Approximate $11 Billion Medicaid Cuts in Bill Will Cause Millions of Low-Income Seniors, Children, and People with Disabilities to Lose Needed Health Care

NEW YORK - November 18 - Early this morning, the House of Representatives adopted a budget reconciliation bill that included approximately $11 billion in cuts to the Medicaid program. The following is the statement of Ron Pollack, Executive Director of Families USA, about the bill:

“The House-passed budget bill will cause enormous harm to low-income seniors, children, and people with disabilities who count on Medicaid as their health care safety net.

“These cuts will force millions of low-income seniors and families to pay higher premiums and copayments, thereby making health care unaffordable. It will also result in significant cutbacks in health coverage, which will result in deprivations of needed care.

“In their claim that these cuts are needed to improve the federal budget—when, in fact, the combined benefit cuts and proposed new tax reductions for the rich will increase the deficit—House leaders are giving cynicism a bad name.

“It is our hope that this injustice is remedied as Congress moves to the last stages of the budget process.”