Senator Russ Feingold

NOVEMBER 15, 2005
1:32 PM

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Statement of U.S. Senator Russ Feingold On Senate Votes on Redeploying Troops from Iraq

WASHINGTON - November 15 - I am pleased that 40 members of the US Senate have gone on record demanding a flexible timetable for achieving our military mission in Iraq and withdrawing our troops. They recognize what increasing numbers of military leaders and experts are saying that having such a timeline will help us defeat the insurgency. Our servicemembers deserve to know what their military mission is and when they can expect to achieve it. And the American people deserve to know that we have a plan, tied to clear benchmarks, for achieving our military goals and redeploying our troops out of Iraq so we can focus on our most pressing national security priority defeating the global terrorists who threaten this country.

I will keep fighting for a timeframe for our military mission and I am heartened by the fact that an increasing number of my Senate colleagues agree with me, and with the American people.

Senator Feingold introduced a resolution in June the first of its kind in the Senate calling on the President to provide a timeframe for withdrawing troops from Iraq as their military mission is completed. In August, he proposed a target date of the end of 2006 for withdrawing US troops from Iraq.