Sierra Club
MAY 16, 2005
2:54 PM
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Response To Bush Speech: America Deserves A Safer, Cleaner Energy Future
Statement by Carl Pope, Executive Director of the Sierra Club

WASHINGTON -- May 16 -- "While President Bush was right that there is no magic wand to lower gas prices, his 19th century solutions won't do the trick either. In a speech today, he again tried to conjure up the same old energy policy that fails to lower gas prices, fails to cut our dependence on oil, and puts our public lands and communities at risk. America doesn't need a repackaged, polluting energy bill - it needs real energy solutions, and it needs them now.

"Instead of moving forward with its current backwards energy policy, the Bush administration and Congress should focus on real solutions like requiring utilities to produce 20 percent of their electricity with renewable energy sources - like wind and solar power - by 2020; increasing the average fuel economy of all new vehicles to 40 miles per gallon within ten years; and investing in energy efficiency, stronger appliance standards, and other energy efficiency measures. Taking these steps would protect the environment, create new jobs, lower consumer energy bills, and cut America's dangerous dependence on oil.

"The Bush administration's energy policy was hatched in the backrooms of the secret Cheney Energy Task Force and was written by and for the energy industry. It increases our dependence on oil, fails to lower energy prices, exposes communities to unsafe air and drinking water, and funneling billions of dollars to dirty oil, coal and nuclear industries. What is fails to do is give Americans the clean, safe energy solutions that they deserve.

"We have the technology to make America safer and more secure. What we need now are leaders that will put people ahead of corporate interests."