Traprock Peace Center
JANUARY 24, 2005
9:47 AM
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Charles Jenks,
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It's Possible to Protest While Making Great Music and Dancing with Each Other to Build Community and Relieve the Stress of "Four More Years."

WASHINGTON -- January 24 -- "As George Bush placed his left hand on a bible to purger himself on the steps of our nation's capital, fifteen hundred mourners took to the streets of New Orleans in upbeat defiance in the Jazz Funeral for Democracy: "A Wake for Peace".

Coming from all walks of life, the participants, some of whom traveled from across America to participate, rejected the tactics of anger and frustration and set out to celebrate in a gathering of the tribes in opposition to the Bush agenda. The common bond which held this spiritual coalition together as one was the resistance to the invasion of Iraq, government sponsored torture and the degradation of the Bill of Rights."

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Nice to see Kathy Kelly speaking! It looks pretty nice in New Orleans, in a so-called Red State, no less. Red or Blue, there are peacemakers everywhere.

Thanks to Annie Spell for the great photos and to Buddy Spell for his report on the event and the "potential of a new movement." With dancing and jazz, no less.