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DECEMBER 21, 2004
10:11 AM
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A New Door Opens to Justice
CHILE -- December 21 -- The decision by the Santiago Court of Appeals (Corte de Apelaciones de Santiago) to uphold the indictment and house arrest of Augusto Pinochet has sent a powerful message to the rest of the world: human rights violators will not go unpunished, Amnesty International said today.

"The new judicial process against Augusto Pinochet in Chile is one further step on a long journey to justice. It has opened a door that many governments have been eager to keep closed."

Augusto Pinochet will be the first person to be brought to justice on charges of human rights violations committed in the context of the "Condor Operation" -- a well elaborated strategy agreed between the military governments ruling in Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil and Bolivia, during the 1970’s and 80’s, with the aim of combining forces to persecute, arrest and torture political opponents, many of whom continue to be "disappeared".

The efforts made by the judicial system in Chile must now be translated into further concrete results ending impunity on the cases of all human rights violations committed in Latin-America during that period. Governments in countries that were involved in "Operation Condor" must act without delay to bring those responsible to justice.

"Justice for all the survivors and victims of human rights violations in Chile has been a long time coming. It must not take any longer to ensure justice for the victims of "Operation Condor."

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