Military Families Speak Out
DECEMBER 17, 2004
1:51 PM
CONTACT: Military Families Speak Out 
Lou Plummer,
"Bring Them Home Now"

FAYETTEVILLE, NC -- December 17 -- On March 20, 2004 we staged the biggest demonstration Fayetteville, NC has seen in 35 years. Fayetteville is next to Ft. Bragg, NC – ground zero for the 82nd Airborne Division (that is preparing for their third trip to Iraq) and most of the US Special Operations community. Many people feared trouble there, but the demonstration against the war was not only well received, many service members participated along with their families. And the police, many of whom privately expressed agreement with us (most are veterans in Fayetteville), kept the thin line of hecklers back and allowed us full use of beautiful Rowan Park.

On MARCH 19, 2005 in FAYETTEVILLE, we will mark the anniversary of the 2003 invasion AGAIN with a far bigger demonstration than the last. If you are tired of pilgrimages to DC and NYC for mass mobilizations, and if you want to send a message from the belly of the beast, this year you need to visit North Carolina. Before and after the action, you can hike through Raven Rock State Park (30 minutes), drive to the beach (2 hours), or explore Fayetteville’s Quaker House (an historic center for GI Resistance). But come to NC, come to Rowan Park in Fayetteville, and help us continue to undermine the legitimacy of this gangster-government. We want this to be not only national but international (international press was there last year), and we need every warm body available to come.

The wheels are falling off this war wagon, and we need you in Fayetteville this March to give them another hard kick.