Green Party of the United States
DECEMBER 13, 2004
11:18 PM
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Green Presidential Candidate to Address Public Rally Monday at Ohio Statehouse as Presidential Electors Cast Votes "Under a Cloud of Suspicion"

WASHINGTON -- December 13 -- Green Party presidential candidate David Cobb will address recount volunteers, the public and protesters who will gather outside the Ohio Statehouse in Columbus, on Monday, December 13, the day that presidential electors meet in all state capitals to cast their votes. Cobb will make his address at approximately 12:15 p.m. on the High Street sidewalk adjacent to the Capitol grounds.

The Cobb campaign is demanding recounts of the presidential vote in Ohio and New Mexico. Several Ohio counties are expected to begin the recount on Monday; others will begin on different days throughout the week. New Mexico election officials are meeting on Monday to consider Cobb's recount demand in that state.

"It is absolutely outrageous and irresponsible for the Ohio and New Mexico presidential electors to cast their votes when the outcome of recounts are still unknown. Just as in Florida in 2000, we have to question the integrity of our voting system and those partisan officials who are in charge of it. With allegations of voter intimidation and suppression looming, an impending Congressional investigation and the recounts just beginning, the presidential electors will cast their votes under a cloud of suspicion," said Cobb.

For more information about the Cobb-LaMarche campaign and its recount efforts in Ohio and New Mexico, see <>. Information about the Green Party can be found at <>.