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JUNE 25, 2004
9:33 AM
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Pat LaMarche picked as Vice Presidential Candidate at Green Party Convention

MILWAUKEE, WI - June 25 - Last evening June 24th at the National Green Party Presidential Nominating Convention in Milwaukee, David Cobb of California, leading candidate for the Green Party nomination, announced his running mate Pat LaMarche of Yarmouth, Maine.

Pat Lamarche ran for governor of the state of Maine in 1998 and re-established ballot access for the Maine Green Independent Party by receiving over 5% of the votes cast. This, and Lamarche's longtime Green Party activism, put her on the short list of the Cobb campaign's Vice Presidential choices.

Reached at the convention in Milwaukee, Ms. Lamarche said "My first thought when this position was offered to me was that I can't believe I'm respected by somebody I respect that much. I think it's a reward for the people of the Maine who have been working for this. The national party has recognized their hard work."

Co-chair of the Maine Green Independent Party Betsy Garrold stated "we of the Maine Green Independent Party are very proud to have our favorite daughter Pat Lamarche running on the national Cobb/LaMarche ticket. This is another example of the Maine Green Independent Party's leadership in national Green politics."

On Saturday, the more than 800 national delegates convene to nominate their national presidential ticket.

"We've just gotta get through that evening and then the campaign starts," LaMarche said.