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  July 2006

Monday, July 31

  • 3:37 PM
    International Committee of the Red Cross: Lebanon Bulletin 2006 / 07 - Emergency Aid For Civilians In Southern Lebanon

  • 3:11 PM
    Government Accountability Project: Leak Investigation May Violate Congressional Spending Ban

  • 3:07 PM
    Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence: One of America's Worst Gun Dealers Finally Shuttered by Feds; Bills in Congress Would Have Kept Lou's Open

  • 3:02 PM Hosts National Conference Call With Sen. Barack Obama, Al Franken

  • 1:43 PM
    Consumers Union: Senate Fails to Address Oil Prices and Industry Profits

  • 1:34 PM
    Institute For Public Accuracy: Qana Bombing Aftermath

  • 1:20 PM
    Amnesty International: Lebanon/Israel: 48 Hours Not Enough As War Crimes Continue

  • 1:17 PM
    NARAL Pro-Choice America: Americans Strongly Endorse Over-the-Counter Access to the 'Morning-After' Pill

  • 12:50 PM 2006 Change Wal-Mart, Change America Bus Tour Kicks Off '19 State, 35 City, 35 Day' National Tour in New York City on August 1st

    Saturday, July 29

  • 10:15 AM
    Service Employees International Union: Statement by SEIU Secretary-Treasurer Anna Burger Urging "Clean Vote" On Minimum Wage Legislation In Congress

  • 9:00 AM
    International Committee of the Red Cross: Restoring Family Links With People Affected By the Conflict In Lebanon and Northern Israel

  • 7:00 AM
    AFL-CIO: Statement by AFL-CIO President John Sweeney On House Republican Leadership Proposal on Minimum Wage

    Friday, July 28

  • 4:20 PM
    Foundation For Taxpayer and Consumer Rights: Chevron's All-Time Record Profit Gouges US Motorists, Group Says; US Refining Profits Up 39 Percent

  • 3:19 PM
    American Civil Liberties Union Decries Government Crackdown on Whistleblowers, Calls Transparency Vital to American Democracy

  • 1:22 PM
    Center on Budget and Policy Priorities: House Leadership Invokes "Martial Law," Forcing Members to Vote On Key Bills Without Full Knowledge of What They're Voting On

  • 1:21 PM
    Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting: Down the Memory Hole: Israeli contribution to conflict is forgotten by leading papers

  • 12:05 PM
    Amnesty International: UN Expert Body Critical of US Human Rights Record

  • 11:38 AM
    Human Rights Watch: Questions and Answers on Hostilities Between Israel and Hezbollah

  • 11:38 AM
    Nuclear Information and Resource Service: Think New Atomic Reactors Can Be Built Cheaply and On-Time? Think Again!

  • 11:23 AM
    American Civil Liberties Union: ACLU and Lambda Legal Urge Federal Appeals Court to Reconsider Ruling Upholding Nebraska's Extreme Anti-Gay Family Law

  • 11:20 AM
    Institute For Public Accuracy: Critical Voices on Lebanon

  • 11:16 AM
    Congressman Dennis Kucinich: In The One Minute Kucinich Addressed Congress Exxon Mobil Made $79,080 In Profits - Congress Must Stand Up For Consumers, Not The Oil Companies

  • 11:00 AM
    National Security Whistleblowers Coalition: NSA Whistleblower Is Subpoenaed to Testify Before Federal Grand Jury

  • 10:22 AM
    ImpeachPAC Unveils TV Ad in Lamont-Lieberman Race

  • 9:30 AM
    International Committee of the Red Cross: Lebanon - Bulletin 2006/06

  • 8:41 AM
    International Committee of the Red Cross: Lebanon: ICRC Sharply Increases Its Humanitarian Response

  • 7:00 AM
    Troops Home Fast: Hunger Strikers Interrupt Bolton's Nomination Hearing

  • 7:00 AM
    Government Accountability Project: Broad Coalition Urges Final Congressional Action to Restore Whistleblower Rights

  • 6:11 AM
    Congressman Dennis Kucinich On Indian Nuke Deal: The US Should Not Be Ramping Up For Armageddon

  • 6:00 AM
    Institute For Public Accuracy: Al-Maliki's Visit: Protest and Analysis

  • 4:51 AM
    Campaign For America's Future: Democrats Offer Common Sense to Challenge Bush's Catastrophic Conservatism

    Thursday, July 27

  • 2:23 PM
    Rainforest Action Network: Boreal Crisis Grows: 9 More Arrested For Defending Grassy Narrows Traditional Territory From Clear-cut Logging

  • 1:24 PM
    Service Employees International Union: Statement By SEIU Secretary-Treasurer Anna Burger On President Bush Reauthorizing the Voting Rights Act

  • 2:23 PM
    Institute For Public Accuracy: Exxon: Record Prices, Record Profits

  • 1:24 PM
    Foundation For Taxpayer and Consumer Rights: Exxon Cruises to New Mega-Profit Record on Backs of Motorists; Much of $10.4 Billion Windfall Comes From Profiteering at Pump

  • 1:05 AM
    American Civil Liberties Union Applauds As President Bush Signs Voting Rights Act Reauthorization

  • 12:23 PM
    Natural Resources Defense Council: California Statewide Survey Shows Strong Global Warming Concern, Broad Support For State Legislation to Stop It

  • 12:58 PM
    Consumers Union: Nation's Leading Consumer, Patient Groups Raise Serious Concerns About House Electronic Health Records Bill

  • 11:17 AM
    Brennan Center For Justice: Living Wage for Retail Workers Passes in Chicago; Brennan Center Will Defend First in the Nation Law Against Likely Wal-Mart Court Challenge

  • 11:01 AM
    Stop CAFTA Coalition Mourns One Year of CAFTA; Calls for Trade with Justice

  • 9:28 AM
    Public Employees For Environmental Responsibility: Persistent Homeland Security Problems At Agriculture

  • 7:00 AM
    Drug Policy Alliance: Voting Rights Act Reauthorized, But Jim Crow Lives

  • 4:46 AM
    Greenpeace International: Crop Circle: 'X' Marks the Spot In French GE Maize Field

    Wednesday, July 26

  • 5:13 PM
    Congressman Dennis Kucinich Introduces Legislation To Abolish All Nuclear Weapons

  • 3:35 PM
    International Committee of the Red Cross: Lebanon / Israel - Bulletin 2006 / 05

  • 3:15 PM
    National Organization For Women: US Republican Taliban Endangers Girls and Young Women

  • 3:03 PM
    Wilderness Society: Three Wilderness Bills Pass US House of Representatives

  • 2:54 PM
    Human Rights Campaign: Washington Decision Denies Equal Rights; Marriage Fight Moves to the State Legislature

  • 2:39 PM
    AFL-CIO: Working Families in West Palm Beach Blast Rep. Shaw for Blocking Federal Minimum Wage Increase

  • 2:31 PM
    EarthJustice: Government Report Finds EPA Fails In Protecting Against Toxic Air Pollution

  • 2:23 PM
    Rainforest Action Network: New Blockade Reclaims Boreal Forests from Weyerhaueser

  • 2:03 PM
    Amnesty International: Administration Needs to Stop Pushing an Unlawful Detainee Trial System

  • 1:58 PM
    Global Exchange: Medea Benjamin Arrested For Disrupting Iraqi Prime Minister's Congressional Address

  • 1:32 PM
    Economic Policy Institute: States Help Raise Minimum Wage's Value

  • 1:07 PM
    Institute For Public Accuracy: Israeli Bombing of UN in Lebanon: Then and Now

  • 1:02 PM
    Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence: As Gun Law Violator Sits on NRA Board, House Committee to Consider NRA-Backed Bills to Aid Corrupt Gun Dealers

  • 1:01 PM
    Center For Science in the Public Interest: "Food Industry Protection Act" Threatens Hundreds of State and Local Food Safety and Labeling Laws

  • 12:18 PM
    Human Rights Watch: Domestic Workers Abused Worldwide

  • 11:46 AM
    Action Against Hunger: "Campaign to End Starvation in the Congo" Launches As Historic Election Nears

  • 11:33 AM
    Parents, Friends, and Families of Lesbians and Gays: PFLAG Families, Allies Deeply Disappointed by Wash. Supreme Court Anti-Equality Decision

  • 10:52 AM
    Citizens For Responsibility and Ethics in Washington: CREW Files IRS Complaint Against S.D. Anti-Choice, Abstinence-Only Orgs - Alpha Center, National Abstinence Clearing House

  • 10:47 AM
    ACORN: Battle over Big Box Living Wage Law Goes to the Wire in Chicago

  • 10:42 AM
    Greenpeace International: Kimberly-Clark Caught Lying to Shareholders and Public

  • 10:01 AM
    Friends of the Earth: Special Delivery: Letters to Firestone in DC Area and 36 States Highlight Company's Abuses in Liberia

  • 9:10 AM
    Genocide Intervention Network: Two Years After Declaration of Genocide, Congress Could Do More for Darfur

  • 9:08 AM
    Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting: CBS Responds on Schieffer Commentary

  • 7:07 AM
    Center For Economic and Policy Research: Mexico's Federal Electoral Institute Release of Partial Recount Data Raises More Questions About Election Results

  • 7:00 AM
    OMB Watch: With Vote Scheduled in the House, Experts Oppose "Sunset Commission" Bills

  • 6:45 AM
    Public Citizen: Indefinite Suspension of Doha Round WTO Expansion Negotiations Creates Opportunityto Rethink Current Global "Trade" System

    Tuesday, July 25

  • 3:54 PM
    Institute For Public Accuracy: Lebanon and the Law

  • 3:47 PM
    Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting: FEMA Responds on Press Access to Trailer Parks

  • 2:23 PM
    AFL-CIO: 10 Years After the Last Congressional Vote Raising the Minimum Wage, Working Families Nationwide Blast U.S. Reps. for Blocking Federal Minimum Wage Increase

  • 2:02 PM
    Center For Economic and Policy Research: How Much Time and Money Does The Medicare Drug Plan Waste?

  • 1:44 PM
    Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence: Helping Gun Pushers at the Expense of Police: House Pushes Anti-Law Enforcement Bills

  • 1:33 PM
    Southern Poverty Law Center Lauds Rejection of Avon Park Ordinance Aimed at Punishing Undocumented Workers

  • 1:06 PM
    Military Families Speak Out: Military Families Travel to Washington, D.C. to Confront Congress and Highlight the Human Costs of the Iraq War

  • 12:47 PM
    Institute For Public Accuracy: US Mideast Policy: No Dialogue?

  • 12:45 PM
    NARAL Pro-Choice America: Child Custody Protection Act: Senate Should Focus on Prevention, Not Punishment

  • 12:02 PM
    Economic Policy Institute: Health Care: U.S. Spends Most, Covers Least

  • 11:50 AM
    Project on Government Oversight: Financial Conflicts of Interest Plague Institute for Defense Analyses F-22A Report

  • 11:36 AM
    Amnesty International Condemns Latvian Authorities for Failing to Protect LGBT Community

  • 11:32 AM
    Natural Resources Defense Council: Global Warming Endangers National Parks

  • 11:21 AM
    American Civil Liberties Union Appeals Case of German Man Kidnapped by CIA

  • 11:13 AM
    Congressman Dennis Kucinich: At Historic Moment, Administration Is Failing Its Moral Obligation To Seek A Cessation Of Violence In The Middle East

  • 10:41 AM
    United Forest Denfese Campaign: Bush Administration Ramps Up Old-Growth Logging as BLM Moves to Undo Protections for 2.5 Million Acres in Oregon

  • 10:12 AM
    Education for Peace in Iraq Center Releases 'The Ground Truth' to Correspond with Prime Minister Maliki's Washington Visit

  • 10:10 AM
    Africa Action: How the U.S. Can Break the Deadlock on Darfur

  • 9:43 AM
    Greenpeace International: Soya Traders Agree to A Moratorium On Amazon Deforestation Following Customer Pressure

    Monday, July 24

  • 3:37 PM
    Foundation For Taxpayer and Consumer Rights: Schwarzenegger's Health Care Summit Ignores Key to Affordability: Crackdown on Health Insurer Overhead and Drug Company Profits

  • 3:11 PM
    Human Rights Watch: Israeli Cluster Munitions Hit Civilians in Lebanon

  • 2:48 PM
    International Committee of the Red Cross: Israel/Lebanon - Bulletin 03

  • 2:16 PM
    Economic Policy Institute: Missing the Mark Again: The Bush Administration's Career Advancement Accounts

  • 2:09 PM
    Green Party: Green 'Peace Slate' of Candidates at Green National Meeting in Tucson, July 27-30

  • 1:50 PM
    The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities: US House Considers Restricting States' Ability to Tax Corporate Profits

  • 12:50 PM
    Human Rights Campaign: New HRC Foundation "Justice For All" Resources Focus On Importance of the Courts

  • 12:38 PM
    The Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy: WTO Talks Breakdown - Opportunity for a New Approach

  • 12:36 PM
    ActionAid International: World Trade Talks Collapse

  • 12:15 PM
    Public Citizen: To Congress: Don't Allow New Coastal Drilling

  • 11:14 AM
    Brennan Center For Justice: University Legal Experts Say Chicago Living Wage Legal

  • 10:48 AM
    Friends of the Earth International: Trade Talks Deadlock Brings New Hope for the Poorest and the Environment

  • 10:17 AM
    Public Employees For Environmental Responsibility: Forest Service Disregards Warnings On Wyoming Lake Resort

  • 10:06 AM
    Center For Science in the Public Interest: Are the National Academies Fair and Balanced?

  • 10:01 AM
    Senator Russ Feingold to Introduce Major Health Care Reform Bill

  • 8:01 AM
    Amnesty International: New Report: Systematic Torture of Political Suspects Entrenched in Jordan

  • 7:08 AM
    Human Rights Watch: US Soldiers Tell of Detainee Abuse in Iraq

    Friday, July 21

  • 2:43 PM
    Institute For Public Accuracy: Christian Zionists Lobby Congress

  • 2:14 PM
    Sierra Club: King County, Seattle Leaders Receive National Sierra Club Award For Environmental Leadership

  • 1:13 PM
    Center on Budget and Policy Priorities: House Poised to Vote on "Sunset Commission" Legislation

  • 12:46 PM
    The Backbone Campaign: Congresswoman Maxine Waters Receives Backbone Award

  • 12:09 PM
    International Committee of the Red Cross: Lebanon: First ICRC aid convoy reaches Tyre

  • 11:53 AM
    Congressman Dennis Kucinich: On the Administration's Inaction In The Middle East Conflict: "What Are They Waiting For, the Apocalypse?"

  • 11:44 AM
    Doctors Without Borders: Alarming Medical and Sanitary Situation in Ituri, DRC

  • 9:46 AM
    Amnesty International Denounces Ban of Pride March in Latvia

  • 8:59 AM
    Global Exchange: Treasurer Phil Angelides signs "Separation of Oil and State" Pledge

  • 8:46 AM
    Cornucopia Institute Requests Full USDA Investigation of Alleged Organic Violations at Texas Factory Dairy Farm

  • 7:00 AM
    National Resources Defense Council: Hot New Entry Into Global Warming Solutions Debate in Senate

  • 6:15 AM
    Public Citizen: Narrow Vote on Oman Free Trade Agreement Exposes Continuing Shift in U.S.Trade Politics, Shows Opposition That Larger NAFTA-Modeled Pacts Face

  • 6:00 AM
    Electronic Frontier Foundation: EFF's Spying Case Moves Forward - Judge Denies Government's Motion to Dismiss AT&T Case

  • 5:16 AM
    AFL-CIO: Statement by AFL-CIO President John Sweeney On Passage of U.S.-Oman FTA in House

    Thursday, July 20

  • 2:53 PM
    International Committee of the Red Cross: ICRC calls on Israeli army to immediately leave Palestine Red Crescent premises in Nablus

  • 2:32 PM
    Consumers Union says USDA cut in Mad Cow testing puts public health at risk

  • 2:28 PM
    Union of Concerned Scientists: FDA Scientists Pressured to Exclude, Alter Findings; Scientists Fear Retaliation for Voicing Safety Concerns

  • 2:32 PM
    Committee to Protect Journalists: West Bank: TV Crews Hit By Rubber Bullets

  • 1:58 PM
    People For the American Way: Judge Advances PFAW Foundation's FOIA Request On Secret Trials

  • 12:11 PM
    Sierra Club Opposes John Correll for Surface Mining Director

  • 11:48 AM
    US Public Interest Research Group: "Coal Rush" to Threaten Environment, Challenge America's Energy Security

  • 9:48 AM
    Center for Arms Control and Nonproliferation: Lecture Today: Preventing a Nuclear Iran: Alternative Policy Options for the US

  • 9:45 AM
    Amnesty International: Statute of Limitations Not Appropriate in Cases of Torture

  • 9:30 AM
    Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting: "Because This Is the Middle East:" CBS' Schieffer Ignores Context In Mideast Crisis

  • 8:00 AM
    Citizens For Responsibility and Ethics in Washington: CREW FEC Complaint Against Rep. DeLay PAC - ARMPAC - Results in $115,000 Fine

  • 6:10 AM
    Human Rights Watch: Lebanon/Israel: Israel Must Provide Safe Passage to Relief Convoys

  • 5:01 AM
    Progressive Democrats of America: PDA Announces Support of Congressman Kucinich's H.Con.Res 450

  • 5:00 AM
    Government Accountability Project: Senators Kennedy, Bunning Call on Energy Secretary to Abandon Plan to Dismantle Environment, Safety & Health Office

    Wednesday, July 19

  • 3:45 PM
    National Lawyers Guild: Urges All to Act Now to Protest and End Israel's Crimes Against Humanity & Brutal Aggression Against Palestine and Lebanon

  • 1:34 PM
    Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights: Reveals Calif. Politicians' Dirty Secrets, Shows Need for Prop 89, The Clean Money & Fair Elections Act

  • 1:31 PM
    Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good: Catholics Launch Initiative to Promote Common Good: Focus on Moral Values of Justice, Human Dignity, Freedom

  • 1:23 PM
    Institute For Public Accuracy: Israel at War: Analysis of Goals

  • 1:14 PM
    Economic Policy Institute: Child Poverty Higher in US than Developed Nations

  • 1:01 PM
    Campaign For A Commercial-Free Childhood: Statement of CCFC on new KFF Report: Advergaming and the Online Marketing of Food to Children

  • 12:52 PM
    Africa Action: Africa Action Releases New Talking Points on How to Stop Genocide in Darfur

  • 12:35 PM
    American Civil Liberties Union: ACLU Urges House Intelligence Committee to Protect Fourth Amendment, Says FISA Must Not Be Gutted in the Name of "Modernization"

  • 12:04 PM
    DC Vote to Unveil Voting Rights Outdoor Ad Campaign Thursday; Ads to Educate Public about DC's Lack of Voting Rights in Congress

  • 11:13 AM
    Falun Gong: Rally to Stop Chinese Communist Party's Tyranny in Washington July 20: End the CCP's Seven-Year Persecution of Falun Gong

  • 10:59 AM
    Office of Congressman Dennis Kucinich: Kucinich Introduces Resolution Seeking An End To Middle East Violence

  • 9:30 AM
    Mobile Voter Launches Free Text-Messaging Service to Register Young Voters

  • 9:30 AM
    Sexuality Information and Education Council of the US: States, Communities Push Back Against Abstinence-Only-Until-Marriage Dictates from Washington While Proliferation of Programs Continues

  • 9:00 AM
    American Civil Liberties Union: ACLU Seeks Information On Extent Of Bush Administration Spying

  • 9:00 AM
    Clean Air Watch: EPA, Senate Should Ignore 'Bad Science' on Deadly Pollution, Groups Say

  • 8:44 AM
    Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund: Lesbian Wins Historic Race in Alabama; Patricia Todd to Become First Openly Gay Elected Official in State's History

  • 8:36 AM
    International Committee of the Red Cross: As Civilians Bear the Brunt of the Armed Conflict, the ICRC Steps Up Its Humanitarian Action in Lebanon

  • 7:38 AM
    Sierra Club: "Healthy Forests" Law Falling Short in Community Protection/Restoration

  • 7:30 AM
    American Civil Liberties Union: ACLU Slams Bush's Block of Justice Department Inquiry on NSA Spying

  • 7:00 AM
    American Medical Student Association: Nation's Medical Students to Lobby For Innovative Health Care Bill

    Tuesday, July 18

  • 4:11 PM
    Americans United For the Separation of Church and State: House Pushes Social Issues Agenda To Curry Favor With Religious Right

  • 3:34 PM
    Amnesty International: UN Security Council Should Send Fact-Finding Mission to Lebanon and Israel to Investigate Attacks Against Civilians

  • 2:29 PM
    Americans United For Separation of Church and State: Americans United Applauds Defeat Of Federal Marriage Amendment

  • 2:25 PM
    People For the American Way: House of Representatives Rejects Move to Write Discrimination Into the Constitution

  • 2:25 PM
    Campaign to Stop Killer Coke: Coca-Cola Suffers Big Blow in Investment Community

  • 2:11 PM
    Center For Science in the Public Interest: FDA Misleads Congress on Agency Efforts to Halt Deceptive Food Labeling

  • 2:02 PM
    Earth Justice: Code Red Air Quality Days in Washington DC Reinforces Need for Protections Against Harmful Air Pollution

  • 2:01 AM
    International Committee of the Red Cross: ICRC Bulletin No. 1 - Lebanon / Israel

  • 1:49 PM
    Union of Concerned Scientists: Scientists to Release Survey Demonstrating Dangerous Interference with Science at the Food and Drug Administration

  • 1:22 PM
    Campaign For America's Future: Report: Millions of Americans to Fall into Medicare Part D 'Doughnut Hole' Trap on Sept. 22

  • 1:20 PM
    CARE International: Aid Agencies in Darfur Deplore Donors' Failure to Fund the African Union and Jeopardizing Lives as a Result

  • 1:08 PM
    People For the American Way: Bush Threat to Veto Stem Cell Research Highlights Danger of Religious Right's War on Science

  • 12:41 PM
    Humane Society: The Humane Society of the United States to Sue for Promoting Cockfighting

  • 11:28 AM Launches New Web Site, Campaign Against Wal-Mart's Right-Wing Attack Machine, Sends Letter to Congress

  • 11:00 AM
    National Coalition For Child Protection Reform: DCF Districts That Take Fewer Children Do Better at Keeping Children Safe, New Report Finds

  • 10:41 AM
    Amnesty International: Murders of Women in Guatemala Increasingly Frequent in 2006, New Amnesty International Report Finds

  • 10:31 AM
    Environmental Working Group: Censure Urged of Scientist in 'Brockovich' Chromium Fraud

  • 10:19 AM
    Center For Science in the Public Interest: Government Science Panels: Fair and Balanced? CSPI to Convene Forum on Corporate Influence on Federal Advisory Committees July 24

  • 10:00 AM
    Global Exchange: Ford Stuck in Neutral on Fuel Efficiency

  • 8:55 AM
    Public Employees For Environmental Responsibility: Congressional Earmark to Pad Park Service Payroll

  • 8:45 AM
    Clean Air Watch: Soot Science Showdown: Why Industry Is Just Blowing Smoke -- And Why It Matters Now

  • 8:44 AM
    Human Rights Campaign: Federal Marriage Amendment Vote Discriminates Against Gay Families

  • 6:00 AM
    Institute For Public Accuracy: From Lebanon...

  • 5:43 AM
    National Organization For Women: Mississippi Women's Rights Community Outraged About Bomb Threat

  • 5:30 AM
    Greenpeace International: G8 Fails to Develop Strategy For Energy Security

    Monday, July 17

  • 4:52 PM
    Institute For Policy Studies: Defining The Issues Series: Mexican Elections: Another Florida?

  • 4:21 PM
    Office of Congressman Dennis Kucinich: Kucinich: Continued Unrest In Middle East Underscores The Need To Bring Our Troops Home From Iraq

  • 3:12 PM
    The Century Foundation: New from the Century Foundation's Security and Opportunity Agenda: Creating a Softer Economic Cushion

  • 2:47 PM
    Campaign For America's Future: Leaders to Blast Medicare Prescription Drug Plan

  • 2:20 PM
    NARAL Pro-Choice America: Bush, Congress Spending Taxpayer Dollars to Mislead Women

  • 2:13 PM
    Institute For Public Accuracy: Comment on Hezbollah

  • 1:48 PM
    Humane Society: "Project Runway" Winner Jay McCarroll and The HSUS to Show Fur-Free Collection at New York Fashion Week

  • 1:45 PM
    Commercial Alert: Statement on CBS "Egg-vertising"

  • 1:18 PM
    American Medical Association: Physician Participation in Lethal Injection Violates Medical Ethics

  • 12:41 PM
    Genetics Policy Institute: Adult Stem Cell Talking-Point Demolished

  • 12:29 PM
    Office of Senator Russ Feingold: Feingold Announces Creation of "Patriot Corps" Program to Train and Place Campaign Workers Around the Country

  • 12:02 PM
    Servicemembers Legal Defense Network: Navy Discharging Service Member Who Attended New York Gay Marriage Rally; Ten Year Veteran Faces 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Discharge

  • 11:59 AM
    International Committee of the Red Cross: ICRC Bulletin No. 03/06 - Gaza

  • 11:55 AM
    Public Employees For Environmental Responsibility: Maine Senator Makes A Habit Of Bulldozing

  • 11:11 AM
    Women's International League For Peace and Freedom: WILPF Denounces Escalation of Military Aggression in Lebanon, Israel, and Gaza

  • 11:04 AM
    House Committee on Government Reform: Federally Funded Pregnancy Resource Centers Mislead Teens about Abortion Risks

  • 10:38 AM
    Independent Investigators to Present Findings From Investigation on China's Organ Harvesting From Prisoners of Conscience

  • 9:34 AM
    World Public Opinion: Poll: Public Opinion in U.S. and Abroad Supports Due Process Rights for Terrorism Suspects

  • 9:15 AM
    Make TIAA-CREF Ethical Coalition: At TIAA-CREF Annual Meeting, Shareholders Tell Pension Giant to Practice What It Preaches on Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility

  • 9:01 AM
    Human Rights Watch: Darfur: Donors Must Urgently Boost Civilian Protection

  • 6:00 AM
    ActionAid International: ActionAid Reaction to the St. Petersburg G8

    Saturday, July 15

  • 9:14 AM
    Earth Island Institute: US Tuna Industry's Dolphin-safe Fishing Practices Result in Tuna with the Lowest Mercury Levels

  • 8:00 AM
    ACORN: Louisiana ACORN Members Helping Rebuild the State

  • 6:00 AM
    Greenpeace International: Response to the UN Secretary General's Review of Action Taken By States to Protect Deep-Sea Life: Sparse, Ineffective, Woefully Inadequate - Now Will You Take Action?

  • 5:58 AM
    Public Citizen: G8 Leaders Should Reject Dangerous and Costly Expansion of Nuclear Power and Reprocessing

    Friday, July 14

  • 2:24 PM
    NetAid: Teens Across US Attend NetAid Global Poverty Summit in NY; NetAid Summit to Prepare National Corps for Year of Anti-Poverty Activities

  • 1:49 PM
    Institute For Public Accuracy: Crucial Background on Gaza and Lebanon

  • 12:09 PM
    Electronic Frontier Foundation: Proposed Surveillance Bill Would Sweep NSA Spying Programs Under the Rug

  • 11:50 AM
    Institute For Public Accuracy: Comment on U.S.-Russia Conflict and Convergence

  • 11:46 AM
    Institute For Public Accuracy: Comment on G8 Meeting

  • 11:46 AM
    American Civil Liberties Union: Victims of U.S. Human Rights Violations Tell Their Stories at U.N. Meeting in Geneva

  • 11:36 AM
    ActionAid International: G8 Summit is Chance to Put Gleneagles Pledges Back on Track

  • 10:19 AM
    Public Employees For Environmental Responsibility (PEER): National Mall Crimes Expose US Park Police Officer Shortage

  • 9:33 AM
    Center on Budget and Policy Priorities: The Phantom Federal Revenue "Explosion"

  • 8:02 AM
    The Century Foundation: Offers a Primer on Complex Issues in Stem Cell Debate; Health Policy Fellow Leif Wellington Haase is Available for Interviews, Commentary

  • 7:05 AM
    Friends of the Earth International: G8 to Feed Oil Addiction, Fueling Climate Change

  • 7:00 AM
    Peace Action: Congressional Anti-War Leaders to Speak at Assembly of Nation's Largest Peace Group in Detroit

  • 6:15 AM
    People For the American Way: House Votes to Reauthorize Voting Rights Act, Rejects Attempts by Ultraconservatives to Gut Act

  • 6:00 AM
    American Civil Liberties Union: ACLU Applauds Renewal of Voting Rights Act

    Thursday, July 13

  • 4:41 PM
    Information Line: Valerie Plame Wilson and Ambassador Joseph Wilson Initiate a Civil Action Against Vice President Cheney, Karl Rove, and Scooter Libby for Violations of their Constitutional and Other Legal Rights

  • 4:09 PM
    Violence Policy Center: U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee Rejects Amendment to Help Law Enforcement Stop Illegal Gun Trafficking

  • 4:08 PM
    Free Press: FCC Approves Merger of Cable Giants, Fails to Protect Net Neutrality

  • 1:21 PM
    Institute For Public Accuracy: Just back from North Korea, Just back from Lebanon

  • 1:10 PM
    American Civil Liberties Union: Government Cannot Hide Accountability for Phone Record Collection by Claiming State Secrets, ACLU Tells Court

  • 1:04 AM
    Human Rights Campaign: Connecticut Court Decision A Bump In the Road to Equality

  • 12:23 PM
    Common Cause: Common Cause Joins Gov. Richardson in Urging the Nation's Elections Administrators to Assure Voting Machines Produce Auditable, Voter-Verifiable Paper Records

  • 12:05 PM
    OMB Watch: New Bill Would Put Government in Hands of Bush Cronies

  • 11:30 AM
    Amnesty International: Israel / Lebanon: End Immediately Attacks Against Civilians

  • 11:21 AM
    Public Citizen: Defrocked Rabbi Drops Case Seeking Anonymous Bloggers' Identities

  • 11:11 AM
    Environmental Working Group: Enforcing Mileage Standards Based on Real-World Testing Would Cut Oil Imports 20 Percent

  • 11:01 AM
    International Committee of the Red Cross: ICRC Bulletin No. 01/06: Gaza

  • 10:30 AM
    International Committee of the Red Cross: ICRC Bulletin No. 02/06: Gaza

  • 10:19 AM
    Africa Action: Africa Action and 300 Religious Leaders Call for Renewed G8 Focus on Africa

  • 10:19 AM
    Drug Policy Alliance: DPA Files Lawsuit against Undemocratic, Anti-treatment Bill in California

  • 10:03 AM
    Jubilee USA Network / Oil Change International: As G-8 Leaders Prepare to Meet in Russia: Soaring Oil Prices Threaten to Undermine Gains from Debt Cancellation

  • 8:51 AM
    Public Employees For Environmental Responsibility: Blackballing Whistleblowers is Illegal, Court Rules

  • 7:14 AM
    CorpWatch: The Controversial Multibillion-Dollar Deal With Oil Services Giant Halliburton to Provide Logistical Support to U.S. Troops in Iraq Has Been Canceled

  • 6:00 AM
    Defenders of Wildlife: Senate Deal on Coastal Drilling in Florida Sacrifices Nation's Protected Waters and Beaches

  • 4:40 AM
    Global Exchange: 200 U.S. Citizens Challenge Ban on Travel to Cuba

  • 4:30 AM
    Global Exchange: 150 Young People Gather in Paoli, Indiana to End U.S. Oil Addiction

    Wednesday, July 12

  • 3:43 PM
    Human Rights Watch: G8 Must Press Sudan to Accept U.N. Force in Darfur

  • 3:02 PM
    Human Rights Campaign: As Discriminatory House Vote Nears, Fair-Minded Americans Must Make Opposition Known

  • 2:00 PM
    Green Party of the United States: US Must Press Israel to Halt Attacks on Gaza

  • 1:30 PM
    Drug Policy Alliance: Congress Votes to Cripple History Program in Name of War on Drugs

  • 1:29 PM
    Center For Justice and Democracy: New Report Uncovers Stealth Strategy by US Chamber of Commerce to Influence Elections: Examines Documents in Washington State Attorney General Race

  • 12:18 PM
    Americans United For Separation of Church and State: Ohio School Board Members Are Considering New Assault On Teaching Of Evolution, Charges Americans United

  • 12:07 PM
    American Civil Liberties Union: U.S. Government Increasingly Blocking Entry at the Border Because of Ideology, ACLU Says

  • 11:43 AM
    Jobs for the Future: Announces 'Portfolio' of Proven Models for Advancing Low-Income Workers to Family-Sustaining Incomes

  • 10:57 AM
    International Committee of the Red Cross: Somalia: ICRC continues to aid Mogadishu wounded

  • 10:47 AM
    Public Employees For Environmental Responsibility (PEER): Tsunami Threat to Hawaii and West Coast Underestimated; Models Do Not Account for Multiple, Bigger Waves Inundating Populated Areas

  • 10:27 AM
    Humane Society: The HSUS Continues to Promote Canadian Seafood Boycott With Another Major Advertisement

  • 9:43 AM
    Internet Product Development Group: White House Pressures Alaska Legislature to Accept New Oil Tax/Gas Pipeline Deal; Would Transfer Billions to Oil Companies

  • 9:00 AM
    San Diego For Democracy / DemocracyFest Incorporated: How Does a Progressive Spend a Saturday? [Answer: At DemocracyFest]

  • 8:00 AM
    The Leadership Council on Child Abuse & Interpersonal Violence: Child Abuse Experts Applaud Legal Community for Rejecting Parental Alienation Syndrome

  • 8:00 AM
    National Organization For Women: NOW Celebrates 40 Years; Honors Founders and Past Presidents

  • 5:51 AM
    Greenpeace International: Illegal Killing of Whales and Dolphins In the Mediterranean Must End

  • 5:50 AM
    Soulforce: Actor Chad Allen and Activist Mom Judy Shepard to Join Soulforce Protest of Focus on the Family

    Tuesday, July 11

  • 1:46 PM
    Families USA: Campaign for Children's Health Care Announces Official Launch

  • 1:31 PM
    Greenpeace: Blair’s Energy Review: Save the Nuclear Industry, Destroy the Climate

  • 1:23 PM
    Amnesty International Responds to DoD's Decision on Detainee Rights

  • 1:22 PM
    Center for Science in the Public Interest: New Data Show FDA/EPA's Mercury Advice on Tuna Doesn't Hold Water

  • 1:21 PM
    Amnesty International: Peru: Poor and Excluded Women – Denial of Maternal and Infant Health

  • 1:16 PM
    FairVote: City Council Expected to Endorse an Early Primary for Washington, DC

  • 1:07 PM
    Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence: Law Enforcement Leaders Urge Congress To Stop Shielding Rogue Gun Dealers

  • 1:07 PM
    Defenders of Wildlife: Ground-breaking Study of Imported Tuna Reveals FDA/EPA Recommendations for Light Canned Tuna Consumption Not Protective Enough

  • 1:07 PM
    International Committee of the Red Cross: Seed Distributed to More Than 1,400 Households

  • 1:06 PM
    Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER): Corzine Retreats from War on Sprawl

  • 12:54 PM
    Amnesty International: U.S. Efforts to Combat AIDS Epidemic in Caribbean Hindered by Funding Restrictions

  • 12:05 PM
    Nicaragua Network Pre-election Delegation to Nicaragua Releases Report on United States Intervention in the Nicaraguan Electoral Process

  • 9:00 AM
    National Lawyers Guild Condemns the Rulings of New York High Court on Gay Marriage

  • 7:15 AM
    Public Citizen: Federal Lawsuit Challenges Kentucky’s Censorship of Popular Online Journalist; Kentucky’s Ban on Political Blogs Is Unconstitutional

  • 6:15 AM
    Global Exchange: International Youth Coalition Urges G8 to Address Global Warming, Poverty

  • 6:00 AM
    People for the American Way: Haynes Collides with Hamdan Ruling Tomorrow

    Monday, July 10

  • 2:44 PM
    Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign: Truth Commission to Look at Status of Poor in America

  • 2:15 PM
    AFL-CIO: Across Nation, Thousands of Workers March to Labor Board Offices and Worksites Demanding Freedom to Have a Union

  • 2:11 PM
    Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law: Barbara Arnwine Testifies Before United Nations Human Rights Committee

  • 1:41 PM
    American Civil Liberties Union: Senior Defense Department Officials' Failure to Provide Clear Interrogation Policy Resulted in Abuses, Documents Show

  • 1:41 PM
    American Civil Liberties Union Tells Court Government Abusing State Secrets Claim in NSA Case

  • 1:41 PM
    American Civil Liberties Union Urges U.S. Accountability for Human Rights Violations

  • 12:37 PM
    Democracy 21 Calls for Investigations into Rep. Doolittle's Activities in Support of Abramoff's Clients

  • 12:24 PM
    Amnesty International: Algeria: Evidence of Persistent Torture by the Military Security in Secret Locations

  • 12:07 PM
    Center for Science in the Public Interest: Medical Experts Call on Secretary Leavitt to Tackle Hypertension by Promoting Salt Reduction

  • 11:40 AM
    Global Exchange: “Troops Home Fast” Hunger Strikers Enter Second Week Of Fast Outside of White House

  • 11:01 AM
    CIVIC Worldwide: US Must Help Civilians Harmed by Forces Accused of Misconduct

  • 10:52 AM
    Center for Defense Information: UN Small Arms Conference Collapses; U.S. Key Resister to Compromise

  • 10:19 AM
    Government Accountability Office: New GAO Report Finds Medicare Drug Plan Hotlines Provide Seniors with Incomplete and Inaccurate Information

  • 10:01 AM
    Freedom to Travel Campaign: Bush Transition Plan for Cuba Can't Work and Cubans Don't Want It

  • 10:00 AM
    Center for Constitutional Rights: Publishes First Report on Torture at Guantanamo with Declassified Primary Accounts from Current Detainees and Attorneys

    Saturday, July 8

  • 12:23 PM
    American Civil Liberties Union: ACLU and Others Step In To Defend California's Medical Marijuana Law From Rogue Counties' Attack

  • 11:38 AM
    ACORN: Over 2,500 Rally in Columbus, Ohio at ACORN National Convention

  • 8:43 AM
    Green Party of the United States: Endorses Voters for Peace Pledge, urges voters who favor withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq to sign the pledge and help elect the Green Party's 'Peace Slate'

    Friday, July 7

  • 5:18 PM
    Media Matters: Media Matters for America President and CEO David Brock Urges Random House, Crown Publishing Group to Sever All Ties with Right-Wing Pundit Ann Coulter; Coulter's New Book -- Godless: The Church of Liberalism -- Faces Numerous Plagiarism Charges

  • 5:16 PM
    National Urban League: A Coalition of Civil Rights Groups Will Converge Upon the US Capitol Wednesday, July 12 to Hold A Vigil Urging Prompt Passage, Without Amendment, of the Voting Rights Act Reauthorization, Otherwise Known as HR 9

  • 4:59 PM
    Earth Justice: EPA Allows More Pollution from Large Waste Combustors, Avoids Recycling Requirement

  • 4:06 PM
    Center on Budget and Policy Priorities: Change in Medicaid Rules 'Commendable,' But Further Changes Needed to Prevent Loss of Health Care Coverage by Poor Children and Parents

  • 3:36 PM
    American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations: AFL-CIO "America Needs a Raise" Campaign Builds Pressure Around Country on Minimum Wage

  • 3:00 PM
    Global Exchange: Statement from Global Youth Coalition Against the G8 “Plan of Action on Global Energy Security”

  • 1:14 PM
    Consumers Union: Endorses CHCWG Call For Affordable Health Care for All

  • 2:47 PM
    Economic Policy Institute: Job Growth Slows Again, Indicating Trend

  • 2:45 PM
    Brennan Center For Justice: Voters Rights Groups File Suit to Overturn Restrictive Registration Rules in Ohio

  • 2:26 PM
    Environmental Working Group / Flouride Action Network / Beyond Pesticides: Groups Demand Halt to Food Uses of Fluoride-Based Pesticide

  • 2:24 PM
    Public Citizen: Defrocked Rabbi Cannot Violate Anonymous Bloggers' First Amendment Rights, Public Citizen Tells Court Subpoena to Reveal Writers' Identities Is Unconstitutional

  • 1:16 PM
    Families USA: Court Expedites Litigation Schedule on Medicaid Citizenship Documentation Law

  • 12:23 PM
    MADRE Calls for Immediate End to Israeli Invasion and Mobilizes Support for Palestinian Children in Gaza

  • 12:15 PM
    Institute For Public Accuracy: Israelis Denounce Attack on Gaza

  • 12:13 PM
    Environmental Working Group: Cook Vs. Combest: Update-- Journalist Forrest Laws, KSU Prof. Barry Flinchbaugh Agree to Moderate If Farm Policy Debates Go Forward

  • 11:59 AM
    Institute For Public Accuracy: Questions About Mexico Election: Is Recount Needed?

  • 10:33 AM
    Oxfam America: Red Cards Adidas on Human Rights

  • 9:31 AM
    Earth Justice: Conservation Groups Call on Forest Service to Protect Grizzly Bear Habitat

  • 7:19 AM
    Southern Poverty Law Center: Investigation by Southern Poverty Law Center Uncovers Swelling Numbers of Racist Extremists in U.S. Military

    Thursday, July 6

  • 5:00 PM
    National Lawyers Guild: Strongly Condemns Israel's Crimes Against Humanity and Demands Israel Immediately Halt Its Siege on Gaza and End Its Efforts at Toppling the Democratically-Elected Palestinian Legislative Council

  • 4:45 PM
    Environmental Working Group: Cook vs. Combest Debates? Innovator of Farm Subsidy Database Challenges Former Ag Committee Chairman To "PowerPoint at Thirty Paces"

  • 3:42 PM
    Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation: GLAAD Urges Caution in Reporting on Language in New York Marriage Decision

  • 3:33 PM
    Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights: Lowering the Bar: Cingular Crippled Cell Service, Deceived & Overcharged AT&T Customers After Merger, Lawsuit Says

  • 3:30 PM
    National Organization For Women: NOW Denounces New York Court's Intolerant Decision

  • 3:14 PM
    Earth Justice: Court Orders Clean Air Backstop Measures for San Joaquin Valley

  • 1:30 PM
    Institure For Public Accuracy: Comment on North Korea and U.S. Missiles, UN Hypocrisy, Mexico Election Credibility

  • 1:09 PM
    Alliance For Justice: Pulitzer Prize-Winning Journalist Seymour Hersh to Address 300- Plus Students on Bush Admin's Unbridled Use of Executive Power

  • 1:01 PM
    The Aspen Institute: Poll Conducted for Aspen Ideas Festival Shows 'American Dream' Unreachable for Most Americans

  • 12:28 PM
    Humane Society of the United States: Death of Approximately 150 Pigs in Texas Highlights USDA's Refusal to Implement Federal Humane Animal Transport Law

  • 11:57 AM
    FarmAid: Farm Aid to Bring Music, Put Spotlight on Good Food Movement of Delaware River Valley; Photo Available

  • 11:19 AM
    National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Decries Decision by New York High Court Denying Marriage Equality to Gay and Lesbian Couples; Calls It Insulting to Gay People

  • 10:57 AM
    San Diego for Democracy / Grassroots for America: DemocracyFest: Three Days of Progressive Politics; Al Franken to Emcee Extravaganza, Howard Dean to Present Keynote Address

  • 10:31 AM
    Families USA: Court Hearing to Review Suit Challenging New Medicaid Citizenship Documentation Law

  • 10:18 AM
    People For the American Way: New York's Highest Court Allows Continued Marriage Discrimination

  • 9:57 AM
    Center For Science in the Public Interest: Is It High or Is It Low? CSPI Urges FDA to Provide Clear Information About Mercury in Fish

  • 9:32 AM
    Africa Action: Africa Out of the Limelight: The Debt Crisis One Year After the Gleneagles G8

  • 8:01 AM
    "Troops Home Fast": Hunger Strikers Greet Canadian PM and Mark President Bush's 60th Birthday

  • 6:45 AM
    SmartMeme: Generation Y Puts a New Face on the Peace Movement

    Wednesday, July 5

  • 3:42 PM
    Earth Justice: Special Master on Florida Everglades Restoration Issues Report Calling for Additional Measures to Reduce Pollution

  • 3:28 PM
    Food & Water Watch: Salmonella in Chicken Plants

  • 3:04 PM
    Union of Concerned Scientists: Failed North Korea Missile Test Not Surprising; Door Now Open for Diplomacy

  • 2:00 PM
    Human Rights Campaign: American Academy of Pediatrics Report Underscores Need For Marriage Fairness

  • 1:15 PM
    Economic Policy Institute: Black-White Income Gap Re-Widens

  • 1:06 PM
    National Security Whistleblowers Coalition: Subpoena to Rumsfeld From House Govt Reform Committee

  • 12:37 PM
    Center For Economic Policy and Research: Mexico Election Vote Count Begins Today Under Cloud of Uncertainty

  • 12:35 PM
    South Central Farmers: Bulldozers Move In to Destroy the South Central Farm

  • 10:38 AM
    ActionAid International: Aid Should Target the Poor and Not the Rich

  • 10:03 AM
    Maine Fiddlers Protest: "Bush Fiddling While World Burns"

  • 5:49 AM
    Greenpeace International: Statement on North Korea Missile Test

  • 4:35 AM
    Greenpeace International: NGO Leaders Take It to Putin

    Tuesday, July 4

  • 8:50 AM
    Institute For Public Accuracy: * Mexico Cliffhanger * Iraq: Troops Home Fast

  • 8:14 AM
    National Organization For Women: Food for Thought: On Fourth of July, National Organization for Women Fasts for Peace

    Monday, July 3

  • 2:56 PM Criticizes Sen. Lieberman for Decision to Run as Independent If He Loses Connecticut's Democratic Primary in August

  • 12:20 PM
    Sierra Club: Smart Energy Summer to Roll Out Across America

  • 11:30 AM
    Public Employees For Environmental Responsibility: Navy Continues Up to 300 Detonations Per Year in Puget Sound

    Saturday, July 1

  • 5:28 PM
    Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting: CBS's Mideast 'Cycle of Violence': Analysis omits Palestinian deaths

  • 4:34 PM
    Congressman Dennis Kucinich:'No Blank Check to Bush' Says Supreme Court in Gitmo Ruling

    June 2006


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