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  March 2007

Friday, March 30

  • 3:59 PM
    CodePink: CodePink Women Take Over Nancy Pelosi's Office In Support of Tina Richards Demand For A Meeting

  • 3:59 PM
    Institute For Public Accuracy: Iran in Pentagon Cross-Hairs?

  • 3:19 PM
    The Center For Constitutional Rights: Hicks Forced To Agree To Gag Order With Plea

  • 2:04 PM
    Amnesty International: LGBT Activist in Honduras Beaten by Police and Raped at Police Station by Detainees

  • 1:55 PM
    Human Rights Watch: UN: Rights Council Remains Timid in Face of Abuses

    Thursday, March 29

  • 2:21 PM
    Environmental Working Group: EWG Calls on EPA to Set Nation-Wide Standards for Perchlorate

  • 2:00 PM
    Business Leaders for Sensible Priorities: Common Sense Budget Act Charts New Course for US Economy Experts Call for Annual Seal Hunt to Be Cancelled

  • 1:47 PM
    Dennis Kucinich: Congress Subverts Will of American People

  • 1:37 PM
    Environmental Defense Network: Environmental Defense Campaign Urges Congress to Put a Cap on Carbon

  • 1:14 PM
    US Campaign for Burma: UN Publicly Admits Scale of Burma Crisis for First Time

  • 1:06 PM
    The Oakland Institute: Communities Versus Pharmaceutical Conglomerates:How Food Became a Casualty of Biotechnology's Promise

  • 12:29 AM
    Rainforest Action Committee: Investors Warned About Weyerhaeuser's Environmental and Human Rights Problems

    Wednesday, March 28

  • 1:21 PM
    The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA): Menendez, Cardoza-Ferguson "SOLAR Act" Would Ensure Fair Treatment of Solar Energy System Owners

  • 11:03 AM
    Arab American Institute: AAI/Zogby Poll Finds that Four Years Later, Arab Opinion Troubled By Consequences of Iraq War

  • 9:44 AM
    The Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood: Statement of CCFC's Dr. Susan Linn on the Kaiser Family Foundation's New Report, "Food for Thought: Television Food Advertising to Children in the United States."

    Tuesday, March 27

  • 10:38 AM
    Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER): New Bush Plan To Gut Endangered Species Act

  • 10:18 AM
    Service Members Legal Defense Network: SLDN Calls for Dismissal of Recruiter Who Sent Anti-Gay and Racist Emails to Potential Recruit

  • 10:12 AM
    American Medical Student Association (AMSA): US Medical Students Stand In Solidarity with Thais In Response To Abbott Laboratories' Withholding Essential Medications

  • 5:00 AM
    International Fund for Animal Welfare: Global Warming Disaster as Thousands of Harp Seal Pups Perish: Experts Call for Annual Seal Hunt to Be Cancelled

    Monday, March 26

  • 11:31 AM
    Pure Salmon Campaign: Groups Praise Committee Recommendation to Exclude Farmed Salmon from Organic Standards

  • 9:04 AM
    Nuclear Policy Institute: Beyond Nuclear Weapons Conference, March 28, National Press Club

    Friday, March 23

  • 1:47 PM
    Exxpose Exxon: ExxonMobil Risks Valdez-like Oil Spill in Alaska

    Thursday, March 22

  • 3:00 PM
    PETA: Calls for Cruelty Investigation Into Iams' Role in Delay of Pet-Food Recall

  • 2:00 PM
    Center for Democracy in the Americas (CDA): Breakthrough Reported by Center for Democracy in the Americas and Sgt. Carlos Lazo

  • 1:44 PM
    Progressive Democrats for America: Disappointed in Democratic Leadership

    Wednesday, March 21

  • 12:13 PM
    Project On Government Oversight: Los Alamos Employees Send SOS to Congress EPA to Defang its Inspector General

  • 10:27 AM
    US Senator Russ Feingold: Feingold Statement on the Misuse of Patriot Act Powers

  • 10:13 AM
    Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER): EPA to Defang its Inspector General

    Tuesday, March 20

  • 3:29 PM
    Institute for Public Accuracy: Democratic Party and War Funding

  • 2:19 PM
    CODEPINK: Capitol Police Prevents Voices Opposing War to be Heard

  • 11:05 AM
    Sustainable Energy Network: 100+ Organizations, Activists Tell Congress - It Is Time to Enact a Fee on the Carbon Content of Fuels as Part of the Mix of Strategies For Addressing Climate Change

    Monday, March 19

  • 5:03 PM
    Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR): Iraq and the Media: A Critical Timeline

  • 4:15 PM
    War Resisters League: Opponents of Bush Administration Spend Three Days Voicing Opposition Across Country

  • 4:00 PM
    Kucinich for President 2008: Kucinich Asks 'Is it Time for Impeachment?'

  • 3:02 PM
    Jews Against the War: Coalition Announces Launch of "Jews Against the War" to Give Voice to Growing Anti-War Jewish Majority

  • 2:35 PM
    Institute for Public Accuracy: 'There's Always Money For War'

    Friday, March 16

  • 1:09 PM
    CODEPINK: As 4th Anniversary of Iraq War Approaches, New Poll Shows Two of Three Americans Want Withdrawal of US Troops from Iraq

  • 12:29 PM
    Brave New Foundation: First-Ever Online Living Memorial to Iraq Veterans Unveiled Today

  • 11:08 PM
    Water Advocates: U.S. Leaders To Speak Out On World Water Day (March 22)

  • 10:29 PM
    Military Families Speak Out: Military Families Participate in Activities Across the Country Commemorating 4th Anniversary of Iraq War

  • 10:13 PM
    Quixote Center: U.S. Organizations Call on IDB to Immediately Cancel Haiti's Debt

  • 7:20 AM
    Greenpeace: The World's Climate Being Betrayed by G8 States

    Thursday, March 15

  • 3:57 PM
    Center for Economic and Policy Research: Over 40 million U.S. Jobs - 1 in 3 - Pay Low Wages

  • 3:38 PM
    Media Matters: Sunday Shows Break Their Silence

  • 11:44 AM
    CODEPINK: Peace Activist Arrested as House Appropriations Votes to Give Bush More Money for War

  • 3:33 PM
    Peace Action: National Peace Organizations Call on Congress to Stop Funding the Occupation of Iraq and Vote to Bring our Troops Home in 2007

    Wednesday, March 14

  • 3:33 PM
    Amnesty International USA: Hundreds of Amnesty International Activists to Gather in Milwaukee for Annual National Conference, March 23-25

  • 12:30 PM
    Military Families Speak Out: Media Advisory: Military and Gold Star Families, Iraq War Vets, Active Duty Troops, and Veterans of other Wars to Hold Press Conference on Capitol Hill on 4th Anniversary of Iraq War

  • 11:03 AM
    Demos: Election Research Group Applauds Re-Introduction of the 'Count Every Vote Act'

  • 11:02 AM
    National Priorities Project: New State-Level Publication Breaks Down War Spending Bill by Congressional District and State

    Tuesday, March 13

  • 11:11 AM
    Climate Crisis Action Day: Climate Crisis Action Day - March 20, 2007

    Monday, March 12

  • 2.49 PM
    Media Matters: Members of Congress to Call on Networks to Address New Media Matters Sunday Show Report

  • 11:13 AM
    National Labor Committee: Child Labor Exposed in Guatemalan Province Visited by President Bush

  • 11:13 AM
    PeaceJam Foundation: IRS Owes Americans $20 Billion from Illegal War Tax

  • 1:59 PM
    Pure Salmon Campaign: American Consumers Being Misled by "Organic" Salmon Sold in the U.S.

  • 7:AM
    National Security Archives: Agencies Violate Law on Online Information

    Friday, March 9

  • 2:01 PM
    Ms. Foundation: National Women and AIDS Collective Advocates New Policy to Make HIV-Positive Women's Needs a Priority

  • 1:59 PM
    Sierra Club: Corps Pumps Up Provisions for Environmental Destruction

  • 1:48 PM
    Sierra Club: Sierra Club Applauds Creation of New Global Warming Cmte, Chairman Markey

  • 11:07 AM
    U.S. PIRG: States Across the Nation Leveling the Playing Field on Taxes

  • 9:32 AM
    Senator Russ Feingold: Feingold On the Department of Justice Inspector General Report on the USA PATRIOT Act

    Thursday, March 8

  • 5:29 PM
    Amnesty International USA: On International Women's Day, Amnesty International USA and Artists Jennifer Lopez and Antonio Banderas Call for Justice and an End to Femicides in Ciudad Juarez

  • 5:27 PM
    Public Citizen: Don't Open U.S.Highways to Mexico-Domiciled Trucks Under Fake Pilot Project, Public Citizen Urges Congress

  • 3:57 PM
    Americans Against Escalation in Iraq: Greenberg Poll: Voters Want Troops Out Safely By Early 2008

  • 3:49 PM
    U.S. Senator Russ Feingold: Statement of U.S. Senator Russ Feingold On Democrats Offering Binding Legislation to End the President's Failed Iraq Policy

  • 3:27 PM
    Military Families Speak Out: Military Families Oppose House Democratic Leadership Plan for Iraq

  • 3:25 PM
    Campaign For Innocent Victims In Conflict: EU Summit: Blair Calling for More Afghanistan Troops, but Funds for War Victims Also Imperative

  • 10:53 AM
    Africa Action: Africa Action Marks International Women's Day with Focus on HIV/AIDS

  • 8:00 AM
    Congressional Progressive Caucus: Progressive Caucus Members to Unveil Plan to Fully Fund a Military Withdrawal from Iraq

  • 7:01 AM
    Marijuana Policy Project: British Commission Urges Drug Law Overhaul

  • 12:03 AM
    Human Rights Watch: International Women's Day: Girls Face Widespread Violence

    Wednesday, March 7

  • 3:29 PM
    Senator Bernie Sanders: Bill Gates Voices Opposition to Estate Tax Repeal

  • 1:19 PM
    The Liberty Coalition: Transpartisan Coalition Calls for Whistleblower Hearings

  • 1:04 PM
    Education for Peace in Iraq Center (EPIC): With more than 35 National Groups, EPIC Urges Congress to Do More to Support Relief and Development in Iraq

  • 12:30 PM Civic Action: John Edwards to Skip FOX-Sponsored Nevada Debate

  • 9:41 AM Political Action: MoveOn Calls on Congress to Stop Escalation into Iran

  • 7:59 AM
    National Organization for Women: Immigrant Women's Rights: NOW Calls for Fair Immigration Reform

  • 4:28 AM
    Greenpeace: Greenpeace Launches First Public Pirate Fishing Vessel 'List of Shame'

    Tuesday, March 6

  • 3:01 PM
    Family USA Foundation: Religious Leaders Convene in Washington Today to Promote Expanded Health Coverage for Children

  • 12:12 PM
    Amnesty International USA: US Foreign Policy Hinders Human Rights Work Around the World

  • 11:08 AM
    Campaign for Innocent Victims in Conflict (CIVIC): ISAF Must Respect Civilians in Targeting Taliban, Make Amends When Civilians Killed

    Monday, March 5

  • 1:54 PM
    National Security Whistleblowers Coalition: Two FBI Whistleblowers Confirm Illegal Wiretapping of Government Officials and Misuse of FISA

  • 12:20 PM
    MADRE Report Release: Promising Democracy, Imposing Theocracy: Gender-Based Violence and the US War on Iraq

  • 10:30 AM
    Center for Constitutional Rights: Guantanamo Detainees Return to Supreme Court for Third Time in Challenge to Military Commissions Act

  • 5:25 AM
    Greenpeace Calls for Urgent Action on Marine Reserves at UN Fisheries Meeting

    February 2007


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